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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am going coo coo!!

Hello lovelies,

It has been a while, I hope everyone is doing ok. I have been so lazy to update my blog, I really have no motivation to do any makeup looks lately but I'm getting back on the path slowly but surely. I have given a little interest over the past 2 weeks ago. I did this look and I apologize for not remembering the products I used. I thought I had written it all down in my little notebook. [[slacker me]]

**Excuse my crazy hair & fake smile

I will return with a more motivated spirit, I am still waiting on my new camera memory card to arrive so I can snap away without any limits. I actually purchased the Kodak EasyShare Z1485 IS in black color and it's a refurbised camera. This is my first refurbished camera purchase, I was pretty iffy about it but I have been researching camera and found that the one I need is over $500 and that is definitely not in my alley right now. I need the Nikon D3000 or up. But for now I'll stick with Kodak which was about $100 and has 14 mega-pixels and really racking my nerve. It's a terrific camera but seriously all the settings are just making me go nuts sometimes (I need lessons on camera settings & terms) but I love the HD quality (amazing!!). Let me not go on about it, I'll just let you google it if your interested. If your interested in knowing which website I purchased it from just send me an email.
**Btw now you will see all my flaws, cause this camera picks up everything from my large pores to every facial hair!!! (beware)

Be fabulous!!


  1. it's pretty girl! we all get in our lil' funks.
    i used to sell cameras. if you are not enlarging to greater than 11x14" print, you really do not NEED anything greater than 5 megapixels. Nikon D3000 is sweet! i love the point & shoot class of camera though. I'm using a sturdy Olympus Stylus SW720. It has a steel body. Biggest repairs we saw in the camera shop where I worked were for dropped units. The result was usually a broken door (battery door) or something like that. That was why I wanted something w/ a steel body & image stabilization. I prefer my ancient Olypmus 3020 zoom though for more acurate colors.

  2. love the eye makaeup hun very pretty..

    stop fakin a smile your to pretty to fake a smile!!!!

  3. This is so so beautiful! One of my most favorite looks from you!:D

  4. Ive bee been so blah about blogging lately too lol.. but I love this look. that bright pink is the business :)

  5. Thanks lovelies!!!
    @ 1xellus- my previous camera was a Olympus Stylus. I love that brand. But the battery compartment has a piece broken off so it won't close correctly, have to go ghetto & use elastic bands to hold it...lol!! But it works fine otherwise.


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