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Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello lovelies,

I hope all is well with everyone. Today's FOTD features LA Colors Tease palette. The colors are extremely pigmented and blend very well for the price. To see more details on this palette check out this recent post about the palette: click here

Here is the look featuring the palette.

Products used
L'Oreal HIP f/d mixed
L'oreal True Match liquid concealer C-6-7-8 (under eye circle)
Blush: Milani MaI Tai
Highlight (can't remember)

MAC p/p: Painterly
15 concealer palette
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
LA Colors: Tease
Physician Formula shimmer green eyes gel liner: black
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

WnW lipstick: 549A Java

Be fabulous!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dupe Alert!

Hello lovelies,

It's here again, another high-end -----low-end dupe alert. This dupe is exactly, if not twins to each other. I have been eyeing and wanting MAC Shadowy Lady, I purchased it from BeFlurt.com recently and now I have it in my collection. It occurred to me that I have a color which looks so similar, now it as been stated that a specific HIP duo is a dupe but I tried that HIP duo color and it wasn't even nothing near to it. Well my makeup junkies, Wet N Wild has their new eyeshadows palettes with 6 colors: three matte and three shimmer. The Wet N Wild Lust palette contains a exact duplication of the MAC Shadowy Lady.
Here are some pictures and swatches for verification.

L-R: MAC Shadowy Lady & WnW Lust eyeshadow

L-R: WnW Lust eyeshadow & MAC Shadowy Lady

Eyeshadow: 3rd row & 1st column

L-R: MAC Shadowy Lady ($14.50 US) & WnW Lust eyeshadow ($4.99 US)

Btw if you look at the palette, you may see a couple more dupes to some highend, well I will be doing my research and keep you up to date, but hey I would definitely get some of these Wet N Wild palettes.

Be fabulous!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello lovelies,

I have another bold lip color for you. I am hooked to MAC lipsticks now can you tell. I ordered this color from MAC for a while now when it was on the regular MAC website. It is actually a Pro color and it was out of stock for some time now. I think it's a hot, bold and demanding color. It's the lovely lady Violetta. Let just say It wasn't what I expected but I really like it. Violetta is a amplified cream and from the MAC website it's described as bright clean violet purple. It's bright indeed and definitely violet purple looking. Definitely wearable for a night on the town or hanging with the girls (club night). Don't be afraid of it bold look because I know that it can be mixed with other to create pure awesome and I will be sharing some of that on next posts.

As you know me I love a dupe, I tried all the purple lipstick I have to compare to this and one alone pop out to be pretty close. If you have the 66 generic lip palette the purple color in the palette (the end color) is very similar to it. I did a previous post (Click here) with a purple lipstick color mixture using 66 palette purple color and this is very similar to it. If you have the 66 lip color palette, don't be mad if you don't have MAC Violetta l/s because it definitely duped in that palette.

Here are swatches

MAC Violetta (Amplified Cream)


Compared to 66 generic palette

Be fabulous!!

Eye of a Tiger

Hello lovelies,

I haven't used my ELF Eye Encyclopedia in a while now, so I grabbed for it today and came up with this smokey Tiger eye look. I wasn't going for a tiger eye look but after I completed it I was like "this looks so much like a tiger eye"!!

Btw, if you want to purchse ELF products minus the high price shipping fees, check your local Target s they are now carrying ELF products both original and studio line.

The Eye Encyclopedia was basically a release from last year Holiday introduction of ELF in Target. But I know they are alternative in the ELF original eyeshadows to create this look or maybe their are colors in your stash to alternate.

Products Used:

Revlon Colorstay: Cappuccino
Black Radiance powder: Mahogany
L'Oreal True Match concealer : N7-8 (under eye concealer)
WnW blushes: Heather Silk & Pearlescent Pink
WnW bronzer: Acapulco Glow (highlight)

MAC p/p: Painterly
NYX Gold Jumbo pencil (inner half) & WnW Graphite pencil (outer half)
ELF Eye Enclopedia: Golden brown (inner 1/3), dark silver black (2/3 lids), black (outer v & crease)
both cream shadows (highlight)
Sally's Girl e/s: Chocolate (blending color)
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara
Ebay lashes
Rimmel soft kohl eyeliner
Physician Formula cream liner: black (from the Green eye liners)

MAC Full Fuchsia l/s
Rimmel Kiss Off: Paint The Town

Be Fabulous!!

How I do my brows

**Picture heavy

Hello lovelies,

A lot of you have been complementing me on my eyebrows and I am very thankful, I try my best even though every time I do them I always think they aren't perfect. I have learnt so much from Youtube about doing my brows from the infamous ABrillantBrunette, LilPumpkinpie05 and Rjmakeup. In my opinion I believe brows make up atleast 60% of your makeup look. You could have a fierce eye makeup going on but the brows bring out more dramatic look in the makeup look. If my brows aren't looking great I always think nothing of my eye makeup. So here is a step by step process of how my brows are done.

1. Use a spoolie or your makeup brow comb brush and groom the brows.

2. I use a eye maker to draw the outline of the shape of my brows. I don't start from exactly where my brow hairs start, I actually start drawing from a little from the inner half. The eye marker I use is Jordana Fabuliner: brown ($1.99 @ Walgreens) or L'Oreal HIP cream liner: brown. You can use whatever you desire. If you choose to use a powder/ eyeshadow that is the closest color to your brows, use it along with a angled liner brush.

3. Then I fill in the outline with my HIP cream liner or any color powder that matches my eyebrows.

4. Using my spoolie, I then brush out the filled in area slightly, without placing so much pressure on the hairs, making sure to create a light to dark dimension from the beginning to the inner brow hairs.

5. Taking my concealer, I then define my brows both upper and lower. Concealing hides any hairs or define the brows angle. (Note that if you do this after foundation technique, to blend the concealer into the foundation so has to not have your brows looking ridiculous)

6. Apply brow gel, clear mascara or brow wax to set the brows so that the hairs don't move around and you lose the color on the brows.


I am sorry if this isn't detailed enough or very helpful to yall but I hope you have an understanding of some parts that maybe of benefit to you. I have listed the people above that I have learn so much from about brows, so you can definitely check them out (All the names listed are links click able to their site).

Be fabulous!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

NPOTW- New Product of the Week

Hello lovelies,

NPOTW means New Product of the Week is a series I will be doing starting this week. This product is however the product of the week for the previous week. I hope I'll keep up with this new series on my blog, being I am gonna go on makeup diet soon.

Last week product of the week was LA Colors palette: Tease. Recently purchased this new color palette and it's has some beautiful spring/summer colors.

Check the palette and it's swatches.

LA Colors: Tease

Swatched over MAC Paintpot Painterly

LA Colors can be purchased at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, local Beauty Supplies store and s0me local $0.99 stores.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with LA Colors or getting paid to state my opinions on the product or feature it on my blog.

Physician Formula Gel Cream Liner

Hello lovelies,

I am on a posting spree, I love sharing great items. So today's product is the new and terrific item: Physician Formula Ge Cream liner for Green Eyes.
I purchased this item yesterday from CVS being they are having a 40% off Physician Formula cosmetics. It retails for $10.99 from CVS and is terrific for drugstore makeup liner. I am currently using WnW cream liner in black, it's my staple now, but PF is getting my love. This PF cream liner for green eyes comes with 3 stack able cream liners in a green color, purple color and black color. All colors contain some shimmers in them but are not excessive.

Here are swatches and the many test run I did with the cream liners

Picture from Google

Testing as a base:

Using the Purple color as base and black as liner

Products used:
MAC p/p: Painterly
96 e/s palette: purple, pink, red
ELF e/s quad: Luxe (highlight)

Using the Green as liner

Other products used:
MAC p/p: Painterly
ELF quad: Luxe
96 palette: green over liner

Also readers, if you are planning on getting it, please pull out those PF coupons ( yesterday's paper had a $1 off), which I saw late and missed. So I may purchase another one by the end of the week.

*Excuse by oily face... ewwww!!

Be fabulous!!!

Mini Haul - Discount MAC !!!

Hello lovelies,

I had to share this with yall, I wanted to share from the beginning that I saw this post and purchased the items but this was my first time purchasing from this website and wasn't sure if it was legit or true to it's word. However, I have gotten my items that I've purchased and I absolutely recommend this website for all you makeup lovers.

I recently saw Leinababy from Youtube post on her Twitter about this company that sells discount MAC cosmetics which is called BeFlurt.com. I was too excited so I hurried up and googled it and saw that they had MAC cosmetics on sale at terrific discount prices. Now I know that a lot of people saw these discounts and being the YT guru is famous, I know for the prices the items would go pretty fast. Well I went ahead and took the risk and ordered. I ordered another Girl About Town l/s, Full Fuchsia l/s and Shadowy Lady e/s. I received it today and being that the order was made Wednesday of last week. I still think it's very fast shipping. Well lovelies, everything is legit and authentic MAC products..... yes yes yes.....Now if your looking for discounted MAC items please visit BeFlurt.com now, I urge you to go now because they are having a terrific discount sale. I purchased my lipsticks at $9.99/ea. and eyeshadow at $12.50 I believe. They have MAC pigments and lipgloss also. I know in the future I will be ordering from them, when they have new and other stuff in stock. Leinababy also mention a code on Twitter which gives you 15% off your order with promotion code "leinababy" with purchase of $30 and over, valid dates: 4/15/10 - 5/15/10. [[Thanks for the code Leina]].

So run on over to BeFlurt.com and get your shopping on. By the way here are some other promotion codes that may help in your promotions:
*10% off $30 purchase : Promo code APR30
*15% off $60 purchase: Promo code APR60
*20% off $100 purchase: Promo code APR100

* All codes are valid until April 30, 2010

Here are swatches and pictures of the mini haul from BeFlurt.com

L-R: MAC Girl Abt Town l/s, Full Fuchsia l/s & Shadowy Lady e/s

L-R: MAC Girl About Town l/s, Full Fuchsia l/s & Shadowy Lady e/s

MAC Full Fuchsia l/s

I know both Girl About Town and Full Fuchsia looks similar. I think they are, they are both Amplified cream texture but as always each will have a slight difference. Full Fuchsia (PRO) is more red pink and Girl About Town has a blue undertone. On my lips they both look similar, so as you can see I'm loving this lipstick color. I sure will be wearing this color out a lot.

Be Fabulous!!

Autumn is so long Gone

Hello lovelies,

I hope all is well with everyone. I have the most corny titles for my FOTD's... :]
This look I did past couple days ago, and have been lazy to post. It's basically the use of fall colors, I haven't been playing with my tone down colors lately so I decided to pull them out for this look.

Products used:
Revlon Colorstay: Cappuccino
Ben Nye Luzury Powder: Banana Visage
L'Oreal True Match concealer
MAC blush: Intenso

MAC p/p: Painterly (base)
Milani e/s Desert ( first 1/3)
Milani e/s Flare (middle 1/3)
WnW Lust palette: dark purple and purple (outer 1/3 & crease)
NYX e/s Black (outer crease)
Milani e/s Almondine (brow bone & highlight)
Milani e/s Classic Beige (highlight)
WnW cream liner: black
mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves
black eyeliner

NYX round l/s: Doll
NYX round l/g: Natural

Also here is a new project of mines: I purchased the empty 28 pan palette on Ebay (love Ebay, it's like a super store where everything you want is available to you).
I had some MAC pot shadows, Milani, NYX and pressed pigment which I depoted them all and used magnet stripes and placed them in this palette. As you can see it's only a few slots left to be filled. I love palettes and find them convenient.

Check it out!!

Be fabulous!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love me some OLD GOLD

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone weekend is going well. I recently ordered some sample MAC pigments from a seller online, yes they are authentic because I made it my duty to do my research on the seller and up on getting the products also. The reason for my order was to get my hands on the Old Gold pigment, I have been wanting this pigment color for a while due to Youtube. With my order I purchased other colors to try and I have to say MAC you gonna have me broke, I want them all but I wish I had the funds to even purchase one MAC pigment color. I guess I am too much of a cheapie to really dish out almost $20 for a jar of pigment which I think I wouldn't use it all. Ok let me give you the looks I did with this lovely bad boy!!

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay: Cappuccino
Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent powder
42 Double stack palette blush
MAC Swiss Chocolate e/s (contour)
Milani Berry Shimmer Stripes quad (highlight)

ELF primer
MAC Painterly paintpot- 1st base
NYX Black Bean Jumbo pencil (all over lid)- 2nd base
MAC Old Gold pigment -2/3 eyelids
MAC Green Brown pigment - outer lids
MAC Sketch e/s - crease
Sally's Girl Chocolate e/s - above crease
Milani Earthly Delights quad: light shimmer yellow gold - highlight
MAC Copperized pigment - tearduct & inner bottom lash line
Jordana eyeliner- Seagreen (outer lower lashline base)
Milani Shamrock e/s - outer lower lashline, over eyeliner
L'Oreal HIP chrome eyeliner: Gold (waterline)
NYC liquid eyeliner: black
WnW mascara (hate it)

Brows: Jordana Fabuliner: Brown, Maybelline clear mascara & Black Radiance duo concealer: dark

Milani Mango Mambo l/s
NYX Apricot l/g

Be fabulous!!