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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random: My daughter


I was looking at some pictures of my daughter when she was born and up till now....omg ...her hair as grown since....

I mean when she was born I was like how both her parents have long hair (yes her dad as his hair grown out) and she has no hair. But now she is definitely getting there and I love the texture of her hair. Its like a mixture of Indian and Chinese. She gets majority of the Indian from her dad and the Chinese from me. But mostly when people see her they say that she gets the hair texture from my side of the family :)

Here are pictures:

Couple mths after she was born

Now 1 yr and couple mths and she has hair, yup she loves her fingers...lol

Be fabulous!

Just playing around! [B-day look]


Here are a few other looks, I've just been playing around with my makeup.

(42 matte double stack palette)


Btw, I am now doing my eyebrows in a new method, I learnt this method from a Youtuber:Krawls80....she definitely knows how to work them colors. I started using the HIP cream eyeliner in brown and concealer to do my brows and boy oh boy...do I love them like this.


This was my look on my birthday night...my bff and I went out to the club and party all night and yup got our drink on, I felt so old because I got drunk after two drinks and that isn't me. I realized that after having my daughter and not going out as much as I used to, I can't retain 2 glass of alcohol anymore, after 2 glass I am either tipsy or gone drunk...lol

Before I could drink a whole bottle of HQ or Moet and be like pour me couple more glasses and I'm still straight. Wow!!... but I don't miss it all, it was fun while it lasted and when I was young.

**this picture was before going out, my eyes are red because for some reason I stick myself in the eye couple days before with my mascara wand (yikes!!)



Here are a few stuff I got over the time my computer went on sick leave, well its still on sick leave, I can still check emails with it and even see Youtube videos for a while until its freezes and I have manual shut if off and give it some time and be back on it again...yup...it's being stubborn.

So I had made a order during my birthday time with ELF and decided to get a few things, most of all I needed their studio line brush, the one that is a cheap dupe for MAC 109. I also wanted to try their shadow brush and crease/ blending brush. So here are the stuff I got.

I love their eyeshadow palette, their are pigmented for $1...oh missing is my eyelash curler.


Also I purchased the 42 matte double stack palette from ebay seller: jolieeee and it came very fast and in one piece (no broken eyeshadows). It was well packaged, I got it after my birthday which was great.


Also I received my goodies I had ordered from NYX sale from cherryculture.com, when the NYX anniversary sale was going on.

Top row: NYX Round lipgloss: 24 karat, Natural, Wild Orchid
Second row: NYX Round lipgloss: Red Tint, Pinky Natural, Apricot
Last row: NYX Orange creme blush & NYX Tan creme blush

I absolutely love the creme blushes and love the choice of colors in the round lipglosses. Amazing!!

Be fabulous!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Couldn't stay Away


I know I have been MIA, but my computer is still a work in progress. I am actually sending it off to be fixed this week, but during the time I was still playing around in my makeup. Its addictive and everyday I am drawn to try need color combination. Here are a few looks :

This look was done using the 42 Double Stack Matte palette I purchased from ebay

LOOK 2: Black & brown smokey eye

**For this look I used two different eyeshadow on both eye, I don't remember which eye has the products I used.
One eye:
NYX jumbo pencil: Black
42 matte eyeshadow palette: black and brown

Other eye:
HIP pencil crayon: Black
TKB trading black pressed eyeshadow & brown from the 42 matte palette

Highlight: shimmer light tan color
Lashes are the crappy ones from ebay (10 in the pack), I worked it out had to flex them a little.


The purple, pink look I used the 42 matte palette and NYX purple. Also for the Yellow, pink & orange I used my 120 palette.

**Sorry about my hair, I washed it and decided to hair dry it and thats the results, hey I look like I got electricuted!!...lol

Next up my haulin during my computer on sick leave time...

Be fabulous!