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Saturday, May 30, 2009

GirlAboutTown Giveway Contest Entry


Long time don't blog, huh...I have been having computer issues, each time I log on to my computer, it works for the first 5 mins and then after freezes...it sucks but I am gonna get it fixed because I miss Youtube and Blogspot and also blogging. I have some hauls and also some new makeup looks and also blogs about my birthday celebration with one of my bestie.

So I know was suppose to post these picture for GirlAboutTown Giveaway Contest entry, I love makeup and here is my makeup collections pictures.

Sorry about the entry pictures being late dear, hope I made it in time. Check out her blogspot: GirlAboutTown

Note: Happy Birthday to my mom. Also I will be back soon but anyone has any question hit me up @ this email: rayqueenbee@yahoo.com

Hope my computer can be fixed soon or hopefully Santa Claus can come early and give me a Mac book, yes I want/ need a Macbook or Imac.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Contest Entry: Sarah's Disney Theme


Well this is my entry for Sarah Disney's Contest. I decided to do the look from inspired from the teapot lady in Disney's Beauty & the Beast. I love all Disney's movies and it was difficult choosing one but my choice was between my fave movies which are Beauty & the Beast and The Lion King. Most of all I love both and my choice came down to my fave character which is the teapot lady and her kid from Beauty & the Beast. She is a kind, sweethearted lady, who can sing so magnificently. I love her kid, he's a talkative, over active and very sweet lil teapot boy. He definitely reminds of my daughter so much because she just like him.

Anyways here is a picture of my inspiration:

My look, inspired from the photo (s) above:

Products I used:

Items used:
L'oreal HIP f/d
Revlon Mineral finishing powder: Suntan Matte
Milani Shimmer Stripes: Berry Glimmer (blush & highlight)

Loreal Decrease
NYX Jumbo Milk Pencil
LA Colors Supernatural palette: matte white
Sally's Girl: Snow white
120 palette: purples, blue, creme gold (inner corner)
HIP duo: Reckless [pearl purple], Wicked [deep prpl]
HIP duo: Mischief (golden tan), Gilded (Gold) ~highlight

NYX round l/s: Fusion
CG lipgloss: Plum Crazy

This was so much fun and funny enough I wanted to do more than one look...I really enjoyed playing with my makeup and colors. Thanks for doing an awesome contest Sarah. Appreciate it.

If yall haven't done her contest yet or subscribed to her blog, please do, Disney characters are so fun to recreate, they are all colorful and just dressing up makes it more terrific. It's like being a kid again. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



My Eye of The Day (EOTD) look was a recreation from xxsgtigressxx look that she did for Pretrilude Waikiki contest entry. I saw that she posted a video tutorial on the look yesterday on Youtube and I loved it and had to give it a try. It came out pretty cool but not as great as hers. I loved the colors and loved how hers came out so pretty. Her blending techinique is great and she definitely knows how to play with colors. She used MAC products but I used my 120 palette and NYX.

I did my right eye because my left eye is under the influence..lol...no not drunk but I just got up and saw my eye red and wouldn't open and just watering like crazy. I think it's like that from me sticking my mascara in eye yesterday when doing the Flower Power look....yikes!!!...But it will be ok soon...hopefully!!

Now my recreation:

What I used:

NYX Tan concealer (base)
NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
NYX Trio: Barely There e/s
NYX Chick e/s
120 palette: Green, blue, purple, light pink, white
liquid liner
eyeliner pencil

****I know my eyeliner is thick on my lid, reason being I applied false lashes that I purchase on ebay. I bought a 10 pack lash for $3.59. A deal right, well they are pure garbage, they don't hold the lashgrip glue nor do they feel right, they are huge and not flexible I should say. I will stick to my dollarstore lashes and not purchase any more of these, well maybe I will purchase the ones that Mischievous purchased on ebay. Yeah I am cheapeee at times...lol

Be fabulous!

I 'll have more series of the Flower Power looks coming soon!


Woo hooooo, ok so my birthday is coming up soon, yeah baby...I am gonna be 25 and hey it's on the 25th... I really don't have much plans for my birthday. I may go out with my boo boo (my daughter) for dinner and even shopping. I also may go to a few events with her since its gonna be Memorial Day, maybe a soccer match.

However I know their are a few items that I really want for my birthday:

So here is my birthday wishlist:
(***u know everything is makeup related ...hehehe...I am such an addict)

NARS Tahmajal blush
NARS Crazed blush
NARS Exhibit A blush
Make up Forever Matte Velvet Foundation
MAC Studio Fix Foundation
MAC Show Orchid lipstick or MAC Dazzleglass
Sigma brushes (dupes for MAC 109, 187 etc.)
28 Neutral eyeshadow palette
26 Nuetral eyeshadow/blush palette
78 eyeshadow/lip/blush palette
42 matte double stack eyeshadow/ blush palette
empty 28 & 12 pcs palette
Ben Nye Lumiere palette
Mehron AQ palettes~ Pastel, Metallics, Tropical
Urban Decay eyeliner pencil set

also a
Gucci Bouboski Handbag (not makeup related)**** [definitely gonna buy when I get a job]

I know I want so much for my birthday huh, well the funny thing is I may end up treating myself to these very items I want and wish for. I always end up treating myself somehow for my birthday, sometimes I'll get stuff from family and friends but I always splurge on something that I wouldn't spend any huge amounts on every week/month but just once a year and specifically for the birthday.

Nevertheless, I am just a simple diva, I am just always grateful on my birthday for life, health, strength, my family and great friends. Everything else I can accumulate as time goes by.

Do you have a wishlist for your birthday? Or have you gotten anything on your wishlist for your birthday?

Be fabulous!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LOTD: Leafy lids


I decided to do a look based from Seventeen magazine May issue makeup looks titled "Flower Power"... I absolutely love the looks in this issue of Seventeen magazine. Each look is based from Spring looks of flowers.

Here is the picture of the look I tried to recreate:

****I know I didn't get it 100% but I decided to go with something that will match my skin tone. I am in no way trying to look like the model in the picture.

Here is my recreation:

I didn't use the items that were used on the model in the magazine.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse f/d- Toffee
MAC MSFN- Deep Dark
NYX Concealer-Tan (under eye darkness)
Milani Mineral Powder blush - Mai Tai (cheeks)
Milani Sunset Duo- Sunset Glow (cheeks)
Wet N Wild blush unknown name -Pink color (cheeks)
Revlon Floral Affair - Hushed Blushed (highlight)

NYX Jumbo Pencil: strawberry milk
Lanmei pigments-053 (Pearl Pink)
HIP Adventurous: Pink color
Wet N Wild: Creme
HIP teal cream liner
Rimmel teal eyeliner pencil

NYX round l/s: Louisiana
NYX round l/g: Strawberry

I used three blushes to try to get that peachy rosy color on my skin tone and I absolutely loved the results. I especially liked how the lips came out with this look. Would I wear it out? Absolutely yes!
The model looks absolutely gorgeous with her look and hair up do, so I would definitely rock it with a up do with my hair down maybe on a girl's nite out.
The pop of green on the model eyes makes the looks so cute and definitely bring a flower theme to it.

This look is a definitive must try again, especially the lips.

Be fabulous!

Monday, May 18, 2009

28, 26, 88, 78 & 42 double stack... PALETTES

I know almost everyone in blog land or on Youtube or even a makeup lover/artist has a one of the famous palettes that are the rave lately. From the 120 to the 96 to the 88 to the 78 to the 42 to the 28 and so on...
These palette have been around for quite some time and a lot of people have great reviews and some bad reviews about them. Now a famous website had been known to sell them, we all know: Coastal Scents (CS).
Now I was on Ebay in search of both neutral palettes; the 26 eyeshadow blush palette and the 28 eyeshadow palette. I found several sellers from overseas selling these palettes at low cost + shipping. Now I am one to read reviews on these palettes and lately I have been trying to figure out if all these palettes: eyeshadows, concealers, blush palettes on the famous known US website is the same as the ones on Ebay from international countries such as China & Hong Kong.

I mean they look the same and seem to have the same packaging whereas lately the CS has been selling theirs with their so called logo on it. However, I always wanted to purchase from Coastal Scent (CS), but being that I reside in the same state where their business is, they charge tax and of course a some what high shipping( its pricey to me). Now I recently saw Pursebuzz do a video of the new 42 double stack matte/ shimmer palette that contains matte/shimmer eyeshadows and a stack with blushes.

Now I really want to build my blush collection and MAC blushes are definitely not in my budget at this moment so I will have to consider some other alternative and then the video on the 42 double stack palette was so ideal for me because it had both eyeshadows and of course gorgeous color blushes. I went on the Coastal scents website with the urge to buy it and stop dead at the checkout after calculations of shipping cost + tax. I know I may sound cheap but I love a bargain and after seeing the total I decided to stop and not bother with going any further with the order. I thought about waiting to see if Coastal Scents will have a free shipping on any order one day :)

So I waited and waited and even went ahead to ask a seller on Ebay if they had these and saw on a website after searching that sellers from Hong Kong sell these but in bulk. hmmmm!!

So finally after search on Ebay I found a seller : abestlife that sells these palettes at total (price + shipping) of $27 and I was overwhelmed. The palette is actually a $1 plus more on CS and that doesn't include shipping. So being miss bargain I have made my decision to buy the ebay palette. Even though I am really inpatient, I don't mind the time it will take to get to me but just want to know that it comes in one piece and nothing broken. So I plan on getting it real soon to add to my makeup palette collection.

Now this may be me but I am the only one that realizes that CS 78 palette, 26 palette, 28 palette, empty palettes, 88 palettes, 56 palettes, concealer palettes, blush palettes, contour palettes and lately: 42 palette and hot pots can all be found on Ebay from a China or Hong Kong seller? (hmmmmmm!!)
Well CS say their palettes are approved by the FDA and they cannot gives account of the ones on Ebay being the same but then nonetheless Ebay carries all the palettes they do!!!!

What does that suggest to you guys/gals?

I don't know but something doesn't seem logical and I think I will stick to Ebay has I get better deals especially when I buy palettes together at one time ===> Definitely a discount steal.

Here is the link for the 42 double stack matte palette & shimmer

Be fabulous!

Sunday, May 17, 2009



Hope everyone weekend is going great. Ok so I did a look yesterday and was tired to post. I had bought the Maybelline Dream Mouse foundation: both matte and liquid on BoGo (buy one get one free) at my local CVS last week sale. I have seen many Youtubers doing review on it so I decided to try it. So far from one use from both its ok, but I would have to use it couple more times to do a great review.

The Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse that I bought doesn't seem to be my color, but I kept it still because I hate returning cosmetics. However, I love the feel of it because it makes me feel like I am not wearing any foundation, its so lightweight and goes on smooth. It make my face feel makeup less. The liquid foundation is darker than my skin tone but I like how it gave me a dewy look.
Ok so I also I had got couple weeks before the new Revlon Colorstay mineral products that they had out. They are like these all over face finishing mineral products that remind me so much of MAC MSF...I have two but I believe they release three of them. After doing the foundation routine using the Maybelline Dream Mousse liquid foundation, I applied the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in Sunkiss and waalllllla, I had a glowing orange look, like I got a tan at a spa or I used a a sun tan lotion that had that glow ingredients in it....... and/or I went to the Caribbean and got a tan.

Here are some pictures to let you see what I am talking about:

(please excuse my hair being a mess)

On my Eyes:
Revlon Creme Illuminance: Va Va Bloom (coral color)
TKB Trading: Apricot, Tangerine Pop (lid)...... China Jade (bottom lid)
Sally's Girl: Expresso (crease)
Sally's Girl: Snow (highlight)
Rimmel Green eyeliner

NYX femme l/s
NYX Strawberry l/g

I am definitely giving this look another try in the summer...its a fake tan look...lol
I am not a beach bum here in the states unless I am back home, I 'll hit up the beach like every other week.
So I have no plans for a visit to the Caribbean for the summer, so my fake tan will have to work...lol

Be Fabulous!


Friday, May 15, 2009


Got up outta bed, put my swag on, took a look in the mirror said what's up... yeahhhhhh....I'mma do a LOTD (wish I was getting some money $$...lol)!!

So I did a look of the day, I just wanted to do colors today and I pulled out my 120 palette and some other products and opted for this look.

NYX Jumbo Pencil: Milk
120 palette: Golden Yellow, Pink, Blue purple color, white, sea blue color
Rimmel threesum e/s: Raw
Blue eyeliner (line waterline)
black liquid liner

Maybelline Foundation: Tan
Revlon Colorstay mineral : Suntan Matte
Maybelline Spice Plum blush
Revlon Floral Affair: Hushed Blush: shimmer white color (highlight)
HIP duo: Brazen: brown color (contour)

Burt's Bees lip balm

Well have a great weekend and be fabulous!

Thursday, May 14, 2009



I did a look today using my NYX pearl mania pigments, I absolutely love them, Since I got my NYX haul, I have been playing around non-stop and swatching like crazy with the products. It's like getting a new car and test driving it non-stop. I wish the sale was extended that would have been great because I would definitely invest in more of their pigments, but hopefully in the future when I have the funds I can definitely add more to my collection. Putting the pigments on by it self doesn't pop on my skin but when foiled (apply any eyeshadow with mixing medium or water), it so vibrant on my skin tone. The eyeshadows are pretty decent but I realized the ones I purchased I can find dupes in my 120 palette. They are pigmented but to get the vibrancy from them when I apply to my skin tone I have to use a white/equivalent color base and apply it foiled too. I love the colors I choose though, I am very pleased with the purchase.

Now this look I was trying to go for was a wearable wedding look and also arabic theme. I didn't capture the arabic theme of it because my eyes were getting tired and watery when I started to line the lid and waterline.

Here goes my million pics (lol):

Revlon Creme Illuminance
NYX Pearl Mania pigments: Oro, Rust, Penny, Walnut
HIP duo: Sculpted: dark raisin color
120 Palette: purple, fuschia, plum color, black, white (matte)
Wet n Wild creme liner (lid)
HIP cream liner (waterline)

Anyways lovely bloggers I'm off to wonderland, I am so tired lately...sigh***

Smooches & be fabulous!