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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Revlon Lipstick Collection Swatches

Hello lovelies,

I hope all is well with everyone, I just had to post during my busy schedule time, yes still planning the lil' one party :)

I had to play in my makeup in the meantime so I decided since I have been on the a lipstick love lately. I decided to share swatches of my Revlon lipstick collection. I love Revlon lipsticks and they are my second favorite drugstore lipstick brand. So I have accumulated a few from their Lustrous and Matte line during the 75% sale and on BOGO's.

Here are pictures of all the lipsticks I have swatches:
(Note: some of these aren't applied evenly or neatly, it was just a swatch process to see the colors of each)

Revlon Lipsticks

Clockwise: Mad About Mauve (c), Strawberry Suede (m), Va Va Violet (c), Wine Not (m)

**(c)- cream, (m)- matte, (p)-pearl

Clockwise: Black Cherry (c), Cocoa Craving (m), Fabulous Fig (m), Raspberry Bite (c)

Clockwise: Fuchsia Fusion (p), Wild Orchid (p), Ravish Red (c), Really Red (m)

Top: In The Red (m)
Bottom: Iced Mocha (p)

(excuse Iced Mocha l/s look, my daughter did some damage to it...lol)

Finally huh!!!...Anyways, my favorite ones are Cocoa Craving, Fabulous Fig, Wild Orchid & Really Red. All of them are have terrific finishes and definitely look fabulous on WOC but I really hate Iced Mocha because it makes me look *dead*.
Fuchsia Fusion and Wild Orchid look similar but they have a slight difference (look closely), Wild Orchid has more purple undertone in it. One main thing I can say about these lipsticks are that they do stain your lips, yes I had popping 'red' lips after & no matter how I rubbed it off it was still red.
  • They are all pigmented and the they hold on for a pretty decent time. If your looking for some lip color that will take through drinking a couple drinks, eating, smacking; this isn't what your looking for, it will stain the lips but after couple hours it will need re-application.
  • They don't have any horrible odor, they are pretty much odorless IMO.
  • For the prices I purchase these for they are worth it, I don't own any MAC lipsticks (can you believe it), so I couldn't compare texture wise. But in the case of NYX round lipstick they are very much comparable to some of the colors and may be even better in texture .
Be fabulous!!...I'll be back for good soon! :)


  1. This is an awesome post! I thought iced mocha looked pretty on you. Not at all undead girl!
    I'm sharing w/ friends. You go Kimmy! Thanks so much for posting!

  2. brilliant post!!! enabler...now i want all the revlon stuff!!!!

  3. Thanx for the swatches..love how they all look..I too love revlon I have a few of their lipsticks too!!

  4. I like In the Red. :P

    Lipstick addict. :P

  5. lovely!!!! You should do a YT video on it!

  6. Thanks lovelies....
    @ Ms. Jen- will soon need a new cam.

  7. Very niiiiice girl. They all look lovely on you and you have beautiful lips, nice and full. I do not own any Revlon lipsticks, but thanks to you I want all of these! lol :)

  8. Love the colors & swatches. Thanks for putting this up, love it!!

  9. Iced mocha and black cherry look so gorgeous. I could see myself wearing those colours. swatches are really nice too.

  10. There were a few of those pick up the other day but put them back because i wasn't sure of the look. Thanks for the swatches....i'm going back to get them.

  11. @ Mz. More--- they are definitely worth it.
    @Gigi, SoFrolushes & Kymmy --- give it a try :)
    @Rai -- me too, it's like my go to nude color and finally I've found a nude I love.

  12. I actually really liked the Iced Mocha. Great colors!

  13. OMG all these colours look fabulous on you! I can't settle on one...It makes me want to stock up on Revlon lippies, though here they're so expensive! XO

  14. Thanks Danielle
    @Marce--- sry to hear that dear, I try to get them on BOGO or 75% off sale (mostly this).

  15. fab swatches!! thanks for sharing!!

  16. nice post! you have a nice collection of the Revlon lippies going... I love your picks!

  17. My fav lipstick is MAC with Revlon being a close second. Revlon has the best ds lipstick ever!

  18. I think you must have somehow switched Fabulous Fig with another color. Whatever color you used is gorgeous but when I googled Fabulous Fig it is definitely a really deeeeeep red and not the light pink it is in your swatch. Sorry if I sound rude or anything I would just really love to know what the actual color is. It's gorgeous!

  19. Okey, you have said the wrong name for the one you said it was Fabulous Fig and I really wanted it.... Do you maybe remember what colour you used on your lips???


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