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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Revlon Lipstick Collection Swatches

Hello lovelies,

I hope all is well with everyone, I just had to post during my busy schedule time, yes still planning the lil' one party :)

I had to play in my makeup in the meantime so I decided since I have been on the a lipstick love lately. I decided to share swatches of my Revlon lipstick collection. I love Revlon lipsticks and they are my second favorite drugstore lipstick brand. So I have accumulated a few from their Lustrous and Matte line during the 75% sale and on BOGO's.

Here are pictures of all the lipsticks I have swatches:
(Note: some of these aren't applied evenly or neatly, it was just a swatch process to see the colors of each)

Revlon Lipsticks

Clockwise: Mad About Mauve (c), Strawberry Suede (m), Va Va Violet (c), Wine Not (m)

**(c)- cream, (m)- matte, (p)-pearl

Clockwise: Black Cherry (c), Cocoa Craving (m), Fabulous Fig (m), Raspberry Bite (c)

Clockwise: Fuchsia Fusion (p), Wild Orchid (p), Ravish Red (c), Really Red (m)

Top: In The Red (m)
Bottom: Iced Mocha (p)

(excuse Iced Mocha l/s look, my daughter did some damage to it...lol)

Finally huh!!!...Anyways, my favorite ones are Cocoa Craving, Fabulous Fig, Wild Orchid & Really Red. All of them are have terrific finishes and definitely look fabulous on WOC but I really hate Iced Mocha because it makes me look *dead*.
Fuchsia Fusion and Wild Orchid look similar but they have a slight difference (look closely), Wild Orchid has more purple undertone in it. One main thing I can say about these lipsticks are that they do stain your lips, yes I had popping 'red' lips after & no matter how I rubbed it off it was still red.
  • They are all pigmented and the they hold on for a pretty decent time. If your looking for some lip color that will take through drinking a couple drinks, eating, smacking; this isn't what your looking for, it will stain the lips but after couple hours it will need re-application.
  • They don't have any horrible odor, they are pretty much odorless IMO.
  • For the prices I purchase these for they are worth it, I don't own any MAC lipsticks (can you believe it), so I couldn't compare texture wise. But in the case of NYX round lipstick they are very much comparable to some of the colors and may be even better in texture .
Be fabulous!!...I'll be back for good soon! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'll be back!

Hello lovelies,

I know I haven't done any looks for this week or any post also, but I will be back soon. I am planning my daughter's 2nd birthday. Planning is such a tedious process, I so want everything to be perfect. I have been between deciding between Chucky Cheese or a Theme Birthday party. I have narrowed it down to a theme Birthday party because she is such a major Barney Fan. In her words "Bart--tey"....so as you all know Barney was like so 10 years ago, and finding all Barney themes party products will be limited, I have been researching enough to find some and that has had me on the BUSY role. So please bear with me, if I haven't gotten to reading or commenting on your posts, I will try my best to until then stay fabulous and bless.

Saturday, January 16, 2010



I had to do a full face look and this look accommodates the colors that are absolutely my favorites now. As you know I'm such a girly girl and that only states that pink is my favorite color but unfortunately blue has replaced it in first place and then the beautiful purple follows.

Today I finally received after almost a month and more my Graftobian cream foundation. Makeupmania.com was on back order and gosh I was so anticipating this product more than anything else that I had ordered from them. Well finally!! I had to give it a try and I am so far loving it based on coverage (Thanks Vixxan). I will be doing a thorough review after a week or more of trying this. My only disadvantage so far is the smell, it has a smell I'm not too fond of, further details will come on that in the review.

My face has half Graftobian HD and half Revlon PhotoReady (review coming soon). Both seem to have the same staying power and coverage. If you can tell the difference from the pictures let me know. But I'll keep you wondering until the end which side is Graftobian HD or PhotoReady.

Let break down the products used in this Face of the Day

Products used:
1/2 Face: Graftobian HD cream f/d: Warm Umber & Revlon PhotoReady f/d: Cappuccino
Black Radiance concealer (under eye)
N.Y.C Translucent powder
E.L.F. blush: Flushed
HIP duo e/s: Foxy (dark side to contour & light side to highlight)

Black Radiance concealer (primer)NYX Jumbo pencil: Milk (base)
Sally's Girl e/s: Caramel (inner 1/3)
Milani e/s: Atlantis (middle 1/3)
TKB Trading Blueberry Pop (Outer 1/3 & Bottom lash line)
Color Workshop e/s: plum brown color (crease)
MAC e/s: Creme De Violet (brow bone)
HIP Flamboyant duo e/s: golden color (highlight)
NYC liquid liner
Eyeliner pencil: blue

Rimmel l/s: Kabash
H.I.P. l/g: Fashionista (light color)

Now for the answer: Your left side is Graftobian HD and the right Revlon PhotoReady...did you guess correct or you didn't see any difference?

Be fabulous!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi everyone,

Just had to share another look I did. This EOTN was another glitz and glam but in a little different.

Products used:
Black Radiance concealer
Giovi palette colors: Copper, Salmon, Purple (lid) & Blue (bottom lash line)
Milani e/s: Blue Lagoon (crease)
Sally's Girl e/s: Chocolate & Espresso (browbone)
HIP Adventurous duo: light side (highlight)
NYC Liquid liner
Rhinestone: pink (Ebay)

Be fabulous!

My prayers are with the people of Haiti. Please donate to any charity/relief in any way possible.



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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hi lovelies,

I pulled out my pigments and did a glitzy and glam look but my camera sucks and of course after taking pictures I realize that the glitz and glam don't show up on camera. [Note to self: need new camera asap, definitely saving towards it starting NOW!!]

I am contemplating on a Nikon D3000, I love how the pictures looked after viewing Katrina is A Princess website playing with her new Nikon. It's a if-eh between it and a Kodak Easy Share IS (14 megapixel) one.

Ok back on track....EOTN....

Still haven't mastered lashes, forgive me!

Products used :
L'Oreal HIP paint:Steely ~used as a primer
L'Oreal HIP cream liner: Black ~second base
*MAC Helium pigment sample ~lid
*MAC Off Radar pigment sample ~ crease to brow bone
**Aromaleigh Cascade pigment ~ crease
NYX Black e/s ~ crease
*MAC Circa Plum pigment sample ~bottom outer lash line
NYX Purple e/s ~tearduct & inner bottom lashline
NYX Luxor e/s ~tearduct & inner bottom lashline
L'Oreal HIP Adventurous duo (light color) ~ highlight
liquid liner
ELF dramatic lashes (I think)

* Goodies I received from the lovely Vixxan of The Glam Shack
** Prizes from a mini contest courtesy of Aromaleigh Cosmetics

I'm officially in love with MAC Helium pigments using it over a black base gave a shimmer duo chrome effect as if I had put some glitter on my lids. I didn't know this color was that beautiful and Off The Radar is such a beautiful color, reminds me of Rule with shimmer. Love them all!!

Be fabulous !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Awards!!!....wOOT wOOT

Hi lovelies,

I received quite a few awards from a beautiful blogger Alina of Alina's Beauty Blog
Thank you for my two (2) awards doll, I appreciate it and appreciate you thinking of me when you were issuing awards.

Let take care of the first award

1.Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated

7 Interesting Things About me
  1. I am crazy in love when it comes to my baby girl (my daughter).
  2. I eat ketchup on almost everything.
  3. I crave Chocolate like crazy.
  4. I love bread, yes and my daughter has become the same...lol
  5. I have a fetish for handbags
  6. I bite my nails and not the regular biting but deep down into the cuticle type of 'ish.
  7. I am a night person, can't sleep at night but will sleep through the whole day.

I nominate:

Have Fun Beauties!!


My second award from Alina

There is only one simple rule here: I have to answer all of these questions-but my answers have to be one word only...Lets get started!

1. Where is your cell phone? Table

2. Your hair? Long
3. Your mother? Caring
4. Your father? Deceased
5. Your favorite food? Fish
6. Your dream last night? Walmart
7. Your favorite drink? Pepsi
8. Your dream/goal? Multimedia
9. What room are you in? Living
10. Your hobby? Makeup
11. Your fear? Dying
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? California
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. Something you aren't? Unkind
15. Muffins? Blueberry
16. Wish list item? Camera
17. Where did you grow up? Jamaica
18. Last thing you did? Shower
19. What are you wearing? Jacket
20. Your TV? On
21. Your pets? None
22. Your friends? Fun
23. Your life? Happy
24. Your mood? Cold
25. Missing someone? No
26. Vehicle? Car
27. Something you're not wearing? Contacts
28. Your favorite store? Ebay
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Wednesday
32. Your best friend? Niece
33. One place that I go over and over? Walgreens
34. One person who emails me regularly? Spam!
35. Favorite place to eat? Steak N Shake

I tag:

This was interesting & fun. Thank you again Alina :)

***Btw Vixxan I still have that picture color tag to do for you... will post that soon. :)

FOTD: Let's Pop That Black Cherry


I am definitely loving Revlon lippies lately. I have always seen them in drugstore but neglected them. But since reading various blog post and my urge to get my hands on the Va Va Violet lipstick color. I seem to be rolling with Revlon lipstick for 2010.

I never had the intention of doing a whole face look as you can see so sorry for all those flaws being noticeable, sometimes we gotta do natural.

15 concealer palette
Black Radiance powder: Rich Mahogany
Black Radiance blush: Spiced Ginger
Milani glimmer stripes: Berry Glimmer (highlight)

Sally's Girl e/s: Chocolate (lid)
Wet N Wild cream eyeliner: black

Revlon Black Cherry l/s

Be fabulous!!

The Green 75% off Sticker

Hey everyone

I know your wondering what the title is about, some of you may know because you've taken advantage of it but some of you maybe like "drop the news girl"!!!
Well CVS drugstore is having 75% off on some makeup products, it varies in every city/ state but a few items that I've seen are Milani, L'Oreal & L'Oreal HIP, Rimmel, Revlon etc etc

Let me break it down what I saw specifically at my local drugstore:

L'oreal lipstick... Revlon Matte Lipsticks & some Super Lustrous ones too, mascara, blush and eyeshadows... Rimmel cream shadows, lipgloss, powder foundation and lipsticks... L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos, paints, crayon.... Milani blush duo, eyeshadow quad, lipsticks, glimmer stripes

There were also 50% sticker (red colors sticker) but not much of any products were 50% off, I think they just have not gotten around to labelling stickers on all the products.

- Make sure to have a CVS Extra care card, it has saved me so many times. With this card you get all the deals mentioned in the weekly ad which may be
  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Buy one get one 50% off
  • 50% off, 75% off
  • Extra Bucks savings
  • Sale price and also
  • free sample goodies sent to your home along with coupon savings on your next purchase
  • Lastly $3-$4 off purchases 0f $20 or more, (it may vary)!!

Treat it like a a Sephora Beauty Insider Card :)

Also if you run to your CVS store to get in on these deals before you do, here are some other savings tips:

  1. Check if you have newspaper clippings coupons for any of these brands listed above, well any makeup brand because as I said it varies in states.
  2. If you have CVS card already check if you have any old receipt with the savings at the end, like $3 off any $20 purchase or Extra bucks savings, if they haven't expired: USE THEM :)
  3. Check out CVS.com for a printable coupon on L'Oreal products..... yes... PRINT IT, cause you just might end up scoring a item for free after that 75% sticker off on the product.....yay!!!!
Check out Recessionista from Nouveau Cheap blog for more details and info. Love her blog for providing terrific info on deals in beauty world.

Have Fun Shopping and let me know what you all got.


Pictures of what I got:

All the goodies

L-R: Revlon l/s: In the Red, Fabulously Fig & Cocoa Craving, Rimmel l/s: Alarm & Kasbah

L-R: Milani e/s quad: Sedona Sunset, HIP Foxy, HIP Playful & Milani e/s quad: Earthly Delights

L-R: Revlon Beyond Naturals mascara: black, Milani Sunset duo: Sunset City, HIP Crayon: Attentive & Revlon dual sharpener

Saved a total of $44.96

Saved a total of $36.00

Do you all see how much I saved in total of my 2 trips to find great deals: TOTAL=$80.96 and I got 13 items.
***FTC you see my evidence [stick tongue out]

Be fabulous!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

FOTD: 2010 is here


Hi dear bloggers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!.....I know you are all wondering where has she been. First post of 2010 and her with a FOTD. I haven't been doing much makeup lately due to the situation with my face breaking out from Walgreens moisturizer (sad). But don't worry, nothing can get a sista down. I have so much in store for 2010 and tons of reviews, looks, swatches, fashion (yes I was lacking in 2009) and even nail art.

Here is a look I did Wednesday and had to share. I recently got some goodies from CVS in their 75% off. That will be another post. So unto the look.

Revlon Beyond Naturals primer
Revlon Colorstay f/d- Caramel (change color in winter)
15 Concealer palette
Black Radiance powder- Rich Mahogany
Maybelline Mineral blush- Fresh plum


L'Oreal Hip paint: Secretive
Sally's Girl e/s: Copper (inner1/3)
Milani quad: Sedona Sunset (cranberry color)
Milani quad: Earthly Delights (shimmer green)
NYX e/s Black (deepen green color)
Sally's Girl e/s: Chocolate & Caramel (blend in crease)
Sally's Girl e/s: Champagne (highlight)
Sleek Jewels quad: green (bottom lash line)
L'Oreal Telescopic liquid liner

Lynette lip liner: Wine
Revlon Matte l/s: Fabulous Fig
L'Oreal HIP Color Presso: Fashionista (red color)

Be fabulous!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


IT'S 2010...Yayyyy!!!....I am late due to internet being down last night. I wanna wish all my lovely bloggers-

Lots of blogging, lots of fun, always stay looking cute and fabulous...Always remember Beauty is within....love you all & safe 2010!!