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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hey yall,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
So from viewing a post on one of my fellow lovely blogger/Youtube Guru: LadyMakeup1

I saw her using a makeover program from Instyle.com, I thought I would try it for fun and I absolutely love it. It allows you to try different hair-do's & makeup to see what would look terrific on your skin tone or what colors best suit you has a person. I tried several hair-do's and now I know that short hair, would definitely suit me and I can rock that Rihanna new do...lol

So you know I had to test the makeup too. Here are some looks I created on my self. Tell me which one you like:






I love the hair-do's I choose, I definitely wanna go deep black with my hair color now. I wish my hair had more volume as the LOOKS 1-4.
As for the makeup, can we say smokin hot, I love all the looks and I am gonna work on my skills in making my makeup looks looking like all of these. The application of these makeup looks brings out the almond shape of my eyes. I can also work with all these bold lip colors. The last hair-do wasn't a color or style I thought I could work with but I'm feeling the color, and would sure give my hair a color like that during the winter season.
Right now my hair is getting over all the bad treatment I have have been giving it, all that breakage and damage. I will try to work out these looks with a wig of that color and style, hopefully.

Let me know which look your liking ?
Try out the program, you'll love it. Click here:Hollywood Makeover

Be fabulous!

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Friday, August 28, 2009



I am not a fan of green eyeshadows because I think it doesn't look great on me but here goes.
Here is the FOTD:

Maybelline Dream Mousse f/d
Covergirl powder
Loreal True Match blush-Spiced Plum

Loreal HIP Paint -Perky
Wet N Wild crayon-green color
120 palette- golden yellow color [inner corner], matte green color [1/2 lid], Grass green color[bottom lash line ], Tan brown color [highlight]
Loreal HIP Riotous duo (darker green) [outer 1/2 lid]
NYC liquid liner
Maybelline Volum Express mascara

Wet N Wild Retro Pink l/s

Hope you likey!
Be fabulous!!

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The One- MJB feat. Drake

Happy Friday, Well I just saw this video and had to share, OMG...these are my two favorite artists: MJB (Mary J. Blige) and Drizzy Rogers (Drake). Can we say hotttttt!!
I love me some Drake and MJB will always be my fave female artist, she definitely brings some hot joints. I love her Breakthrough cd, definitely got me through when I was going thru some krazy times.
Check it out:
The One- MJB feat. Drizzy

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MAC Giveaway!

Hello lovely bloggers,

SweetSuGaHon is having a giveaway for celebrating 100+ followers.
To enter her giveaway contest click here: SweetSuGaHon giveway
What you will win is MAC products. Enter now !!

Congrats SweetSuGaHon!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


These are looks I did in the week but they both failed.

I was trying to recreate an Alicia Keyes look but it didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I used the E.L.F. Luxe palette. I applied the crease color too heavily and the lid color should have been softer.

Also I was watching a Youtube guru: TheIslandBeauty and saw her use the MAC 217 and blend out the NYX jumbo pencil in Milk on her eyelids. So because these pencil always crease on my oily lid even using UDPP. I decided to blend it using my 217 rather than my fingers and I added my colors and the look wasn't doing it for me, I think its the colors i used which were from the 120 palette.Also I placed tape at the edge to get a clean sharp edge...hmmmm...my blending got too messy there...lol...
Also for my color combination I just choose colors that I thought would show up on my skin tone. As you can see from the hot pink, it was fading. So I need a better base for that hot pink. Being that its a matte color pink, I think the 120 palettes matte colors texture aren't the greatest. Apart from that, I will search for that right base to use these matte colors with. I think my next option is the Mehron AQ palettes (as soon as I purchase them).

Anyways more looks coming soon and definitely some reviews!
Be fabulous!

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Hello lovelies,

I have done a FOTD. I have been a favorite for purple eyeshadow lately, sorry blues!...lol
Here is the look:

Maybelline Dream Mousse: Tan 2
Covergirl Queen powder: Ebony Bronze 2
NYX Tan creme blush
Wet N Wild bronzer: Bali Bronze

Wet N Wild Crayon in Techno
120 palette: Fuschia color, Lt. beige color
42 Double stack palette: purple
HIP chrome eyeliner pencil: Violet Volt
CG Volume exact mascara
Loreal True Match concealer: C-6-7-8

Kleancolor lip liner: Millenium
Wet N Wild l/s: 522A

Thanks for viewing

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Friday, August 21, 2009

50 + Followers...Thank you


I have realized that I'm at 50 + followers, I'm super thrill, I didn't even know that I had so much people tuning in to my blog. I would like to Thank each of you. I am super excited. Thank you all! So in turn I am still trying to decide what to do, to show my appreciation. I may keep it simple and do a giveaway. Will let you all know because I wanna give away something special and beauty related. Thank you all, I appreciate the support and love!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hey everyone,

So I have been haulin over the few couple of days. My CVS, grocery store and Walgreens has major sale this week so ya girl definitely got some stuff. I went to Walgreens, they had a BOGO (Buy one get one free) on Wet N Wild cosmetics and HIP. I wanted to get me some HIP chrome eyeliners but they only had one left in stock and that was the gold, so the sales lady told me to try back in the week, they are suppose to get some more in stock, so I'll try to make it there later to see if they do. I want the Gold, black, purple and silver.

So from Walgreens I purchase 2 Wet N Wild lipsticks in 521A and 519A, also I got a Silk Finish blush in Pearlescent Pearl and a Megaliner liquid eyeliner in Brown. The lipsticks are $0.99 and the blush & liner $2.99.

Wet N Wild Silk Finish lipstick in 521A (Fuchsia w/ Blue Pearl )

Wet N Wild Silk Finish lipstick in 519A (True Red)

Wet N Wild Silk Finish lipstick in 521A and 519A

Wet N Wild Silk Finish blush in Pearlescent Pink

Wet N Wild liquid liner in Brown

From CVS they had a BOGO on Revlon cosmetics and Maybelline foundations cosmetics, so I decided to get the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing powder in Brighten and try the Revlon Beyond Naturals primer.
The primer I wanted to try since I was using the Monistat Chafing gel has a primer, but I will do a review soon on the primer and also a comparison.

Now I have all the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing powders. Check out your local CVS ad to see what's on BOGO and also sign up for their cards, and check local newspaper for coupon on cosmetics. I spent way less because I had a CVS receipt coupon for $3 off purchase of $15 and over and also I had a coupon clipping of $1 off Revlon cosmetics.

Here are swatches of all 3 Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing powders:

L-R: Brighten, Sun Tan Matte, Sunkiss

L-R: Brighten, Sun Tan Matte, Sunkiss

****Revlon Sun Tan Matte Mineral finishing powder is my new MAC Studio fix powder and also Sun Kiss is my new MAC MSF in Gold Deposit!!

Also the Covergirl powder I purchased from my grocery store, I wanted to try the Queen Collection hence I bought the powder in Ebony Bronze 2 which was on sale with a grocery store coupon of $2 off...woot woot!...I am definitely getting the liquid foundation from there next since the sale will be until the end of this month. It's a great thing I checked the grocery store other newsletters. Great savings!


If you have you have NYX Round lipstick in Fusion then its a great dupe for Wet N Wild lipstick in 521A.

L-R: Wet N Wild lipstick 521A and NYX round lipstick Fusion

Also if you have these products you may find it to be a dupe for Wet N Wild lipstick in 519A. Possibilities are: NYX round lipsticks: Hebe, Eros and HIP lipstick in Bold.

L-R: HIP Bold l/s, WnW 519A, NYX: Eros & Hebe


Here are some swatches of Wet N Wild Bronzers, I love this brand bronzers, for the price, its terrific quality.

L-R: Wet N Wild bronzers in Bali Bronze & Tahitian Tan

Ok doesn't the bronzers look like a dupe to some high end makeup brand products... hmmmm... I'm seeing some MAC MSF's dupes here...lol

So be sure to check out your drugstores for BOGO sales and remember to check newspaper for coupons and also sign up for free saving cards from drugstores or any cosmetics stores, it helps when your rewards start stocking up!

Be fabulous! :)

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Hello Lovely people,

Ok so this aint makeup related but over the few days that Berlin Track Race has been going on I've been keeping up-to-date on the track race.....wooot wooot! GO JAMAICA!
We have broken another world record. First our 'Lightning BOLT' broke his own world record in 100m in 9.58 secs and now he has broken the world record in the 200m in 19.19 secs....I am so excited and I can't hide it. Usain Bolt has done my home country JAMAICA proud. I am estactic, this dude move like the light, he's really the 'Lightning Bolt'.... I am too proud right now.

Usian Bolt is born on August 21, 1986...he will be 23 tomorrow, what a terrific birthday gift to himself for breaking another world record. He is from Trelawny, Jamaica. The neighboring parish/county of Montego Bay, were I'm from. I am missing home now (sigh).

Here is his signature lightning BOLT sign!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009



I have been away for a while but nevertheless, I am always checking out other blogs, to see review and hauls. I love hauls and swatches, its always great to see what others get and also the colors intensity of products. Anyways here is a Face of the day.

My hair is a hott mess tho and also I realize that each of my pictures look like I don't have mascara on and I have the eyeshadow fallout on my lashes, well I have on mascara, 2 coats at that sometimes 3, but the quality of my camera is just totally sloppy. I use the super close up feature on the camera to take pictures too. Well here is the look.

Items used
Revlon Beyond Naturals primer
Maybelline Dream Liquid mousse: Dark 3
Covergirl Queen collection powder: Ebony bronze 2
42 Double stack palette blush
Revlon Colorstay mineral finishing powder: Brighten (over blush)

HIP Paint Secretive
Color workshop e/s: Pink purple color, Deep purple (like MAC Sketch), Champagne color
NYC liquid liner
Lancome mascara
Maybelline mascara

NYX round l/s:Fusion

Next up I'll definitely share my drugstore haul for this week. woot woot!!

Be Fabulous!

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Friday, August 14, 2009


Here is a look I recreated from one of my favorite singers: Keyshia Cole. I think she is a fabulous and beautiful lady. She's wearing a makeup look with my favorite makeup color. I always look her makeup looks and I love her style. She also reminds me of one of my bestfriends, who I always make fun of , telling her she is Keyshia Cole twin.
I wore this look to the grocery store and got so much compliments and asked what brand am I wearing.
Question: Do you have people compliment your makeup looks and ask if your wearing MAC?
Why does everyone assume that MAC is the only makeup brand that makes your makeup look wonderful. hmmmm!
Anyways I picked up a powder from the Covergirl Queen Collection for myself, because I have been seeing my fella Youtube sistas reviewing it and have been searching for it in my local CVS and they don't carry that collection. It was $6.42 and there was store coupon off for $2.00. So you do the math! I didn't know that I could find great deals in my grocery store. Btw I tried the Myrabelle mascara shield in doing this look.

Here is the picture of her which I found on a website Datzwhatzup.net

She is very pretty in this picture.

Here is my version of the look:

Products used:
Revlon Colorstay: Mahagony
Revlon Mineral Finishing Powder: Sun Matte Tan (love it)
42 Double stack palette blush (light bronze color)

Nyx Jumbo Pencil Atlantic
HIP Crayon in Intricate
HIP duo Showy (both colors)
HIP duo Flare (light color-highlight)
NYX Black e/s (outer crease)
NYC liquid liner

NYX Pinky Natural round lipgloss

Hope you like and have a terrific weekend everyone

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Thank you Fashionwithfifi.com


I received my gift in the mail yesterday and was excited, I mean who doesn't get excited receiving gifts in the mail. Yay!!!
I received my Myrabelle Mascara Shield. I have tried it on my look that I will post next and liked it. It does protect my mascara from smudging my eyelid because I don't have a steady hand. I am always getting messy when applying mascara. But I will do a further review on this product in the future, after several uses.

However, Thank you Fashionwithfifi.com for my gift and I really appreciate it. Please bloggers follow Fashionwithfifi.com website. The website provides latest styles, celebrity news, beauty reviews and much more entertaining information. The website also host contest so make sure to join in. Click here to view :www.Fashionwithfifi.com

Pictures of my gift:

Once again Thank you.

Be fabulous!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

E.L.F. Savings

Hey bloggers

E.L.F.com -EyesLipsFace.com has a savings code where if you buy $10 worth of goodies you can get 4 new eye products free!! yayyyy! Coupon code:ECFEYES

Picture from www.eyelipsface.com
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Monday, August 10, 2009


Hope you had a great Monday. I was inspired by aBrillaintbrunnette.com (Ms. Jacqueline). She is a tremendous and talented makeup guru and I love absolutely all her looks: neutral and colors. She is gorgeous and always amaze me with her use of color. Check her out on Youtube or her website: aBrillaintbrunnette.com

Here is my Face of the Day:

Products used:
Loreal HIP f/d: Earthen & Cappuccino mixed together
NYX Tan concealer
NYC loose powder (under eye)
Revlon Mineral Finishing powder:Suntan Matte
Color workshop blush & highlighter

Color workshop Tan e/s
TKB Trading Umber (inner 2/3 mobile lid)
TKB Trading Starry Nights (outer 1/3 mbile lid)
TKB Trading Pink Royal [color I named & made] (crease)
TKB Trading Peach me [color I named & made] (above the crease color)
HIP Flare: golden tan color (highlight)
TKB Trading Aztec Gold (bottom lid)
HIP creme liner:Eggplant (line lid)
HIP creme liner: Black (waterline)

Jordana Drk brwn eyeliner pencil
Nyx Tan concealer

Max factor long lasting lip color (name unknown)

Have a another look tomorrow, hopefully something simple and colorful. Until then be fabulous!

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