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Thursday, November 26, 2009



Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgivings to one and all. I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving with you and yours. I am so thankful for:
  • life
  • my daughter
  • family
  • great friends
  • acquaintances
  • health
  • able to see another year of Thanksgiving

Be fabulous!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



I am a Twilight/ romance vampire fan. I love vampire romance movies, tv series etc. Watching Twilight has open my eyes to vampire love and now I'm a fan of Vampire Diaries and all romantic Vampire things.

So I saw New Moon, woot woot.... love the animation, the effects. I love the new makeup, the new looks, new people (Dakota Fanning) and the omg I am now loving Jacob. Through the whole movie series, I wasn't even crazy over the whole Bella & Edward love but more so I am intrigued by how they stepped their game up by having such awesome animation/visual effects (yes I'm a visual effects fan). Through the whole movie I wanted to see more of my heart throb Emmett because I think he is a hottie but they didn't give me much of him and then Jacob just seem to lure me in with his toned body. Now I've become a Jacob fan. :)

This makeup look was inspired by the poster; brown tones and just that glowing yellow.

Look who has graced us with her presence: My baby girl

Products used:
Covergirl Queen Collection powder
NYX Tan cream blush with NYC Terracotta bronzer on top
15 concealer palette (under eye circle)
HIP duo e/s: Brazen (dark color for contouring)
NYC Translucent powder to set concealer

15 concealer palette (base)
NYX Jumbo pencil: Black Bean (lid base)
Maybelline Brown Smolder e/s (lid)
MAC Chrome Yellow e/s (crease and brow bone)
MAC Orange e/s (crease)
Rimmel pencil crayon as highlight
Lashes from Ebay: set of 10 (the ones I hated)

L'Oreal HIP l/s: Fearless

Be fabulous!

My new blush love


I know it's been a little time since I post but I had to share. Ok so because I am not a owner of a galore of MAC blushes and I want so badly MAC Raizin powder blush, I decided to dupe it in the meantime until I can afford it.

From the MAC cosmetics website Raizin is matte golden reddish brown blush. I absolute love the sight of seeing this blush on WOC. It gives that radiant sunburnt look to dark tone skin.
So what I did to dupe it: I used NYX eyeshadow in Africa and NYC Sun 2 Sun in Terracotta (the dark color side) combined and it gave me a very pretty color that is somewhat dupable to Raizin. It is not intense but you can intensify it by adding more of the NYC bronzer to the cheek. The only difference is NYX Africa e/s has some shimmer in it and Raizin is matte but a little shimmer doesn't hurt.

**btw I am stating this is a exact dupe but it will do well as it gives the same glow as Raizin on the cheek.

Here are some swatches and pictures of the combination.

NYX Africa e/s

NYC Sun 2 Sun bronzer 'Terracotta'

L-R: NYX e/s, NYC bronzer Terracotta, combination of both

Well lovelies if you haven't purchase the lovely MAC Raizin blush and would like to give this combination a try, do so and let me know.

Be Fabulous!


Hello bloggers,

Not my blog giveaway!

So L1LMAMAJ is having her 50+ blog giveaway. Get on over her blog and hop in on this mini fun giveaway. Yall know we gotta show the love, my fellow bloggers. Click here to check out her L1LMAMAJ giveaway.
Ends: Dec. 4, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

EOTN: Wetseal UrbanVibe Eyeshadow


Wet Seal has makeup line branded "UrbanVibe" which I purchased a few baked eyeshadow duos from. I really liked the colors so I was inspired to do a look from one of the duos (Berriful) to see the outcome of the eye shadows from the line. Wanna see how this shadow looks here is a picture from the website: Wet Seal Urbanvibe Berriful
Btw I read somewhere that Keri Hilson was the spokes model behind this makeup line. hmmm! (That's ma girl... but don't quote me on that tho)

Here is my EOTN:

*I know my liner effect isn't precise but I wasn't going anywhere.
Was gonna wipe it all off and then off to bed!

NYX Tan concealer
HIP cream liner :Teal (outer v and crease base)
NYX Jumbo Pencil: Blue (1/2 lid base)
Wetseal: Urban Vibe baked e/s du0: Berrifull
NYX Black e/s (deepen crease)
Covergirl Champagne e/s (highlight & inner bottom lash line)
Wet N Wild liner: Turquoise

Santa I've been Good this year.... I think

Hi bloggers,

So I know we've all told Santa that we've been god this year right and have our long wishlist in hand ready and waiting to let him know what we want for Christmas...lol

Here's my Christmas *makeup* wishlist:
-MAC Raizin Blush
-MAC Sketch e/s
-MAC MSF Warm Blend
-Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette
-Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge: Contour 3, Orange Pop! and Dark-Brown
-All of La Femme blushes {minus Purple Passion, Bordeaux, Brick Red, Sienna [5 backups of Golden Sunset...lol's]}
-MAC Deep Truth e/s
-MAC Violetta Lipstick
-MUFE #92 e/s

And that's all for now in the makeup world folks, there is many more goodies but I 'll leave it at that.

Anyways do you have a wish-list for Christmas? It could be makeup related , clothing, shoes, handbag or accessories or even a car or even just simply a wish for a terrific Christmas.

I know we all have numerous wishes and sharing them is always cool (who knows maybe we'll even be surprise to see what we'll find under our tree) ....if I even don't get anything on my list for Christmas, I'll do what I always do; treat myself to atleast one thing on the list. haha!!

Until then lovely bloggers:
Be fabulous!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hi bloggers,

*picture load

I did a Face of the Day. So I have to make up for my lack of blog makeup looks post. I have so much looks I want to do. Have you all seen Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga new video: Video Phone. I love the song and also Beyonce makeup looks. Her silver and black look was a look I did with my Halloween outfit, only difference is hers is more winged out than mines but the same silver and black theme going.
Ok on to my FOTD now.

Products used:
L'Oreal HIP f/d: Earthen mixed with Cappuccino
Black Radiance powder: Mahogany
Black Radiance Blush: Plum Sorbet
L'oreal Hip duo e/s: Brazen (brown color for contouring)
15 camouflage generic concealer palette

L'Oreal HIP paint: Secretive
Wet N Wild Idol Eyes creme e/s: Techno (base)
Milani e/s: Shock
TKB Trading pigment: Manganese Violet
Beauty From The Earth pigment: Raspberry (crease and browbone)
ELF palette: black e/s (crease) and cream e/s (highlight)
L'Oreal HIP duo e/s: Wicked (purple color on the bottom lash line)
NYC liquid eyeliner
Ardell 117 lashes

66 generic l/s palette :pink color

My second lip color is NYX Honey l/s

Rihanna Gets on the Bright Eyeliner Bandwagon with Fuchsia: glamour.com

Rihanna Gets on the Bright Eyeliner Bandwagon with Fuchsia: glamour.com

ELF is having free shipping

Hey Bloggers,

Wanna purchase some ELF goodies but don't want to pay that shipping cost then here's a code for your use. Visit ELF.com and put in the code EHFREESHIP and get free shipping on all orders over $25... Goo luck shopping.

Be fabulous!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I hope everyone weekday as started well. This Eye of the Day was a recreation of Danikeen "Call It wat cha want." To see the Youtube video, Click here: Danikeen
I love this girl looks, very colorful and very fierce. As you all know I love colors so I was eager to recreate her look.

Here is my recreation, I know it's not fabulous as hers but I think I'm getting there.

*Picture load

without flash

Products used:
HIP paint: Secretive (primer)
NYX Jumbo Pencil: Milk (base)
42 Double stack Matte Palette : White e/s
MAC Chrome Yellow e/s
MAC Orange e/s
96 palette: pink color (could be a dupe for Sushi Flower)
TKB Trading Grape Pop
HIP e/s duo: Wicked (purple side a dupe for MAC Shadowy Lady/Sketch)
HIP e/s duo: Adventurous (cream shimmer color highlight)
NYC liquid eyeliner

Hope you like.
Be Fabulous!!

Princess Livia Blogspot Giveaway

Hello bloggers,

*this is not my giveaway

*♥Princess Livia♥* is having her first giveaway, check out her blogspot giveaway for further details. You can win a Sleek palette in Sunset and Graphite.
Her giveaway ends on December 7, 2009 at 11:59PM GMT and is open internationally.
She will choose 2 lucky winners to win the Sleek palette via Random.org.

Enter now!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Blogger: Mommy Fabulous! Giveaway

Hi bloggers,

*Giveaway is for another blogger and not mines.

Lovely blogger diva JeaniceJoi, whom I came across from another blogger is hosting a giveaway, where she is new to the blog world. As fellow bloggers who are in the blog world for a while, we welcome you dear with tons of love and looking forward to all the future post. JeaniceJoi of Mommy Fabulous! giveaway is based on how much followers she recieves and I want all my lovely blogger friends to go on over her blogspot and show your support and how we welcome our new bloggers to blogspot world. Show your support everyone not only to her contest but overall...
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Thank you all!!

Be fabulous!

Saturday, November 14, 2009



My look for today was a quick look. Nothing special! I love bright eyecolors and bright lips colors too.

Maybelline Dream liquid Mousse f/d
Milani Sunset beach blush: (orange side as blush and other color as contour)
Black Radiance concealer stick

Fantasy Makers Body cream: white cream (base)
LA Colors 5 metallic palette: Fiesta
96 color palette: red & purple
NYX black e/s
HIP duo: Adventurous (light color as highlight)
NYC liquid liner

Wet N Wild #511B Mouveau Pink

Be Fabulous!