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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How I do my brows

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Hello lovelies,

A lot of you have been complementing me on my eyebrows and I am very thankful, I try my best even though every time I do them I always think they aren't perfect. I have learnt so much from Youtube about doing my brows from the infamous ABrillantBrunette, LilPumpkinpie05 and Rjmakeup. In my opinion I believe brows make up atleast 60% of your makeup look. You could have a fierce eye makeup going on but the brows bring out more dramatic look in the makeup look. If my brows aren't looking great I always think nothing of my eye makeup. So here is a step by step process of how my brows are done.

1. Use a spoolie or your makeup brow comb brush and groom the brows.

2. I use a eye maker to draw the outline of the shape of my brows. I don't start from exactly where my brow hairs start, I actually start drawing from a little from the inner half. The eye marker I use is Jordana Fabuliner: brown ($1.99 @ Walgreens) or L'Oreal HIP cream liner: brown. You can use whatever you desire. If you choose to use a powder/ eyeshadow that is the closest color to your brows, use it along with a angled liner brush.

3. Then I fill in the outline with my HIP cream liner or any color powder that matches my eyebrows.

4. Using my spoolie, I then brush out the filled in area slightly, without placing so much pressure on the hairs, making sure to create a light to dark dimension from the beginning to the inner brow hairs.

5. Taking my concealer, I then define my brows both upper and lower. Concealing hides any hairs or define the brows angle. (Note that if you do this after foundation technique, to blend the concealer into the foundation so has to not have your brows looking ridiculous)

6. Apply brow gel, clear mascara or brow wax to set the brows so that the hairs don't move around and you lose the color on the brows.


I am sorry if this isn't detailed enough or very helpful to yall but I hope you have an understanding of some parts that maybe of benefit to you. I have listed the people above that I have learn so much from about brows, so you can definitely check them out (All the names listed are links click able to their site).

Be fabulous!!

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