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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another lovely Blogger Awesome Giveaway

Hi lovelies,

Another lovely blogger: The Polka-Dotted Apple is having a fantabulous giveaway has her blog has turn 1...woot woot!!

Here is the link to check out this awesome contest and enter and follow her blog: Click here

Now unto to my answers:

  • What is your most prized possession?
  • Ans: My most prized possession is my photos, I love taking photos and I usually store them on this high capacity hard-drive I have and also backups on cd's and I print a few but I cherish my photos because they definitely mean a whole lot to mean and they help to reminisce on the years of my life and the people who I have come in contact with.
  • What is your definition of beauty?
  • Ans. My definition of beauty is a illustration of terrific personality and a very humorous heart. Beauty is not the outside features but rather what proceed from within, it's all about having a terrific personality and being genuine and humble with it.
  • What makeup item (Brand and name of product) would you recommend to me?
  • Ans. I would recommend La Femme blushes, they are extremely pigmented and they are very cheap and to me greater than high end brands in quality and staying power.
  • What is your favorite KIND of makeup item and why?
  • Ans. My favorite makeup item is brushes and reason being is because without great applicators, your makeup will not be applied terrific and the way how you want it to and blending is the out most important in application and having a makeup tool that blends well is efficient.
  • A weird factoid about you. :B
  • Ans. A weird factoid is that I eat ketchup on almost everything....lol..,Ketchup on MAC n Cheese people find it gross but I think it beyond yummy, it's excellent.
  • What is the fondest memory of your childhood?
  • Ans. The fondest memory is chilling with my brothers who were like a year or two apart from me, but as we got older, we have been separated and everyone has lost contact because of the huge distant. I miss those years because I truly adore my family.
  • Describe yourself honestly.
  • Ans. I am generous, definitely a great person to converse even though I may come off as being shy at first, I put family first because they mean so much to me. I am a huge procrastinator, I'm ambitious and I love trying and learning new things. I always want to be the best in what I do. I am short tempered too but very fun to chill with.
  • Tell me something I could do to improve my blog.
  • Ans. I am a new follower and I definitely gonna check your blog more indepth to see what improvements can be made but from what I've seen I've liked, because I love hauls and reviews and swatches.


  1. Thanks for entering!
    Good luck! :)

  2. I nominated you for a blog award hon, go check it out on my blog

  3. Okay first of all...how was I not following your blog until now? I thought I was! But hi! :D

    And I completely agree on your definition of beauty. Beauty transcends outside appearances. Someone may be gorgeous on the outside but a disgrace on the inside. Beauty shines from within.

  4. @ Maggie- Your welcome!
    @Mz. More Thank you, gonna check it out!!
    @ A Brilliant Brunette- I believe the last time I checked my followers you were definitely on the list...I agree dear.


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