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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Movies Review : Obsessed & Fighting


I know this is not makeup related but I had to give my input. Now I wanted to see Fighting and I definitely got to see it and really like it but it wasn't the best and none the less wasn't what I was all hyped up and expecting. I really love Channing Tantum, he is cutie and has a blazing hot body. He definitely did a good job in the movie and Terrence Howard really amazed me also. I wish they plot was much more extreme.

Now I had vowed to myself not to see Obsessed because I just don't think Beyonce has that acting voice. She has a terrific singing voice but her acting voice is annoying. I watched the Dreamgirls movie and thought she could have done way better, her voice was just too off. There is something about her voice that doesn't fit the roles she plays. Anyways that was my reason for not wanting to watch Obsessed but I got around to watching it and thought it was a great movie. Ali Larter is a terrific actress, she gets my 5 stars for her acting role in the movie, Beyonce did pretty decent herself, I will give her a 4 stars. I really love the plotof the movie. If you haven't seen these movies, definitely check them out. Let me hear your review!

I am very much anticipating: Wolverine Origins, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek, Harry Potter & the half Blood Prince, G.I. Joe (Channing Tantum), I Love You Beth Copper (Lauren London), The Taking of Pelham 123 and of course New Moon.

As you can tell I love special effects movie. It was my college major and I can't wait to work in the field. Oh btw I definitely wanna see that Final Destination 3d movie but really scared because it's all the gruesome scenes are gonna be stuck in my head for a while.

Any movies your anticipating this summer?

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