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Monday, May 18, 2009

28, 26, 88, 78 & 42 double stack... PALETTES

I know almost everyone in blog land or on Youtube or even a makeup lover/artist has a one of the famous palettes that are the rave lately. From the 120 to the 96 to the 88 to the 78 to the 42 to the 28 and so on...
These palette have been around for quite some time and a lot of people have great reviews and some bad reviews about them. Now a famous website had been known to sell them, we all know: Coastal Scents (CS).
Now I was on Ebay in search of both neutral palettes; the 26 eyeshadow blush palette and the 28 eyeshadow palette. I found several sellers from overseas selling these palettes at low cost + shipping. Now I am one to read reviews on these palettes and lately I have been trying to figure out if all these palettes: eyeshadows, concealers, blush palettes on the famous known US website is the same as the ones on Ebay from international countries such as China & Hong Kong.

I mean they look the same and seem to have the same packaging whereas lately the CS has been selling theirs with their so called logo on it. However, I always wanted to purchase from Coastal Scent (CS), but being that I reside in the same state where their business is, they charge tax and of course a some what high shipping( its pricey to me). Now I recently saw Pursebuzz do a video of the new 42 double stack matte/ shimmer palette that contains matte/shimmer eyeshadows and a stack with blushes.

Now I really want to build my blush collection and MAC blushes are definitely not in my budget at this moment so I will have to consider some other alternative and then the video on the 42 double stack palette was so ideal for me because it had both eyeshadows and of course gorgeous color blushes. I went on the Coastal scents website with the urge to buy it and stop dead at the checkout after calculations of shipping cost + tax. I know I may sound cheap but I love a bargain and after seeing the total I decided to stop and not bother with going any further with the order. I thought about waiting to see if Coastal Scents will have a free shipping on any order one day :)

So I waited and waited and even went ahead to ask a seller on Ebay if they had these and saw on a website after searching that sellers from Hong Kong sell these but in bulk. hmmmm!!

So finally after search on Ebay I found a seller : abestlife that sells these palettes at total (price + shipping) of $27 and I was overwhelmed. The palette is actually a $1 plus more on CS and that doesn't include shipping. So being miss bargain I have made my decision to buy the ebay palette. Even though I am really inpatient, I don't mind the time it will take to get to me but just want to know that it comes in one piece and nothing broken. So I plan on getting it real soon to add to my makeup palette collection.

Now this may be me but I am the only one that realizes that CS 78 palette, 26 palette, 28 palette, empty palettes, 88 palettes, 56 palettes, concealer palettes, blush palettes, contour palettes and lately: 42 palette and hot pots can all be found on Ebay from a China or Hong Kong seller? (hmmmmmm!!)
Well CS say their palettes are approved by the FDA and they cannot gives account of the ones on Ebay being the same but then nonetheless Ebay carries all the palettes they do!!!!

What does that suggest to you guys/gals?

I don't know but something doesn't seem logical and I think I will stick to Ebay has I get better deals especially when I buy palettes together at one time ===> Definitely a discount steal.

Here is the link for the 42 double stack matte palette & shimmer

Be fabulous!


  1. I agree!!! If you can find the exact same product on eBay for a cheaper price then of course you gotta get it from there! Ha, you'd be crazy not tooooo!!!! You did so well with my little guessing game, lol I always get stumped with names too!!!

  2. I also agree with Sarah.

    But to be honest CS doesn't make their palettes, they buy them in bulk from HK or China I think and sell them for profit. I got my 88 palette from them but I found a local seller (too little too late) who sold them for $17 including shipping. I got mine off CS for $30 including shipping. Would you believe that!!!!

    I'm a bit reluctant to order from eBay, but yeah..I believe that they are the same products. :) I'm pretty sure that if the CS stuff is FDA approved then the stuff on eBay is also mostly safe.

    I wouldn't go for the 120 palette though, I heard a lot of bad reviews...and you don't know for sure if it's safe. Hehe. :) Sorry for the long comment!

  3. Ive seen the exact same palettes from coastal scents on ebay. Id go for where its more affordable coz theyre the same things. I agree with the comments above. Also, I might get this double stack palette ever since I sae Pursebuzz's review on it. I wanna get the matte.

  4. yeah i agree ebay is cheap. but after having a bad experience, i just can't buy from there anymore. i like that palette. its pretty!


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