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Monday, December 28, 2009



Christmas was a lovely day as usual spent with my family and love ones. I enjoyed this Christmas a lot even though I didn't do any clubbing this year. My besties was out of town and the BF wasn't even in the party mood (even though I don't like partying with him now, our first 4 yrs we did all that like crazy). I'd rather hang with the girls and have our drink on or just get crazy in the club (good crazy).
We had our traditional family cooking by my mom and sisters. My mom did some crazy cooking and baking. I enjoyed everything from the dinner to our dessert : fruit cake with Sorrel and fruit salad. I was so full that night. I received gifts also but I wasn't even looking forward to gifts just thankful for my family and the love we all have.

I received an early Christmas present from a lovely blogger and friend Vixxan. This was too nice of her. I loved everything and I didn't expect all these lovely products. Thank you dear. I truly appreciate it.
My BF gave me two perfume set: Jean Paul Gautier and Calvin Klein collection (he didn't know that I have a nausea reaction to Calvin Klein from when I was pregnant with our baby). He felt embarassed about the situation and decided he'll return it for something else. Also I received a cellphone I've been wanting also from him... yayyyy!!
Both of us were super excited because our lil mini 'us' (our baby girl
) was super excited about her gifts. She is soon to be 2 yr old and just too smart. She received her lovely Kitchen set and oh my, she has been going crazy with it. No more going in the kitchen and taking every spoon and fork from the utensil drawer and playing with them. She now has her own kitchen goodies to play with. I can't get enough her, truly my blessing

Here are pictures of the items from Vixxan and also swatches.

Thank you Vixxan

Here is my lovely mini me and I. I am super crazy in love when it comes to her.

me & the mini me

makeup look for the Xmas

Be fabulous and Have a terrific New Year!


  1. what an amazing gift and the pics of you and your baby are gorgeous!!

  2. your daughter is too cute♥
    love the orange looking swatch

  3. beautiful pic of you and your girl! thanks for sharing. xo

  4. oh that was so nice of Vixxan and your baby girl is just adorable! glad you enjoyed your Christmas :)

  5. Awww you both look beautiful :) I am glad you had a lovely Christmas! I can't wait to see looks you will come up with by using all your new goodies :)

  6. Those are some nice product gifts!Your friend is so generous. Beautiful photo of you & your daughter! Enjoy the New Year:)

  7. You're welcome and I'm so excited to see the wonderful looks that you will do for us this year. You look incredible in those photos and your daughter is beautiful. Happy New Year


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