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Monday, November 21, 2011

REVIEW: Hana air Professional hair dryer

*Very picture heavy

Hello beauties,

I was contacted by Misikko.com to review their Hana air Professional hair dryer. Rarely do I do hair tools reviews but please be reminded that all opinions is 100% true and genuine.

Misikko.com is a company which sells professional hair equipments. This is the  Hana air professional dryer which I received.

HANA Salon presents the powerful HANAair hair dryer. This dryer has been Salon tested and Salon recommended since its inception. Inspired by Italian design, the combination of HANAair's strongest AC motor along with its tourmaline lined ceramic heater will dry your hair up to 60% faster maintaining natural shine while promoting healthy luxurious hair. -via the website

  • on Technology- condition hair & reduces static electricity
  • Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology- natural ions promote healthier hair
  • Silver Nanotechnology- for antibacterial Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Shell with black metallico finish adds durability and is easy to clean
  • Long life motor with low noise
  • Gyroscopically balanced for easy handling
  • Fiberglass concentrator
  • Italian Design

-via the website: Misikkio.com 

➢ Reliable and durable equipment.
➢ Lightweight dryer with technological design.
➢ Environmentally safe.
➢ Doesn't create/ cause static or hair to be frizzy.
➢ Takes below 10 minutes for hair to be completely dry (hair length: short to shoulder length).
➢ Amazing air flow which ranges from cold air to warm air to hot and very hot air.
➢ The air motor sound is not as loud and boisterous as compared to other handheld hair dryers.
➢ It's Italian design and sleek display adds to it's professional look.
➢ The exterior is a scratch resistant design.
➢ It comes with a 2 year warranty
➢ It helps in maintaining the your natural hair shine and does not get hair tangled and make it difficult to comb thru

I used it on my daughter's curly hair and she really loved the feel of it rather than the old one which when turned on scares her. 


I really like the Hana air dryer beauty tool, it's sleek black color and design makes it look very professional like it's a salon hair dryer. It has a rounded hook at the lower end of the dryer in which one can hang it for storage as the professionals do in the salon. 

➢ The price... being that it is a professional amazing quality dryer, I would recommend it to professional stylist and such.

Available at Misikko.com

Price: $314.99 US

Sale price: $194.99 US

Pictures of the Equipment Packaging

Best Product packaging ever

Inside the small lilac baggies: there was hand sanitizers & nail files

Free Pouch that comes with your order

Paul Michelle smoothing Shampoo & Treatment
Flower arrangement in heart shape package is so pretty

What the shampoo & treatment was stored in

Received a cute mini teddy bear and ELF eyelash curlers

Corioliss Straightening Comb

The Hana air dryer 
inside the black bag is a Hana shine shield therapy

Very professional packaging

The Process

hair before wash

Hair after wash with Paul Michelle products

Hair after using Hana air dryer
-do you see that natural shine

Hair took 7 mins 56 secs to dry 

After curling hair with a random flat iron

Misikko.com provides by far the most beautiful packaging of their equipment. I was truly amazed. Awesome customer service.

Ratings: ♥♥♥♥♥ - Awesome

Not certain if when purchased all the products in my packaging will all be apart of the your packaging. 

** Products were provided by the company for review. I was not being compensated to review this product. All opinions and experience remain 100% honest by the author of this blog.

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  1. Gorgeous product and you have beautiful hair Kim!


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