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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Versatile Blog Award

Hey Beauties,

I was awarded this blog award by the beautiful Queenie Keisha. If you aren't following her blog you are serously missing out. She does some fierce makeup looks and definitely shares her reviews on affordable products. I would love to say Thank you dear for the award and I appreciate you.

#1 Link the person who awarded you the award: She is none other than Queenie Keisha (Appreciate it sweetie)

#2 List 7 things about myself

  • I am obsessed and truly in-love with my lil girl, like seriously she has changed my life for the best.
  • I am a computer geek/nerd at heart
  • I could eat mac & cheese (made my way) with ketchup and sausages every day
  • I am obsessed with tigers and I have always wanted a cub as a pet.
  • I cry at the slightest sad part of a movie
  • I hate exercising, my diet when I am on a diet is: Tortilla chips and avocado dip...lol
  • I love the feeling when getting inked/tattoed

I could go on but hey let me spare you guys some of the details about me cause now my life is pretty much baby-girl, work and baby-girl (my one & only princess/daughter)

#3 Award 15 bloggers - Ok I could add you fabulous bloggers but I see all the people who I follow and read your blogs everyday as versatile bloggers. In case you all didn't know my reader feed is always 300 post plus each day because I follow lots of bloggers: fashion and beauty and yes I do read every post even though i may not comment on each post, but your girl does read and keep up-to-date.

Thank you ladies and gents for sharing your ideas, opinions and love for what you do every day in you blog entries. You all are VERSATILE BLOGGERS

1 comment:

  1. I appreicate you too hun and thank you so much for the Love <3


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