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Saturday, January 16, 2010



I had to do a full face look and this look accommodates the colors that are absolutely my favorites now. As you know I'm such a girly girl and that only states that pink is my favorite color but unfortunately blue has replaced it in first place and then the beautiful purple follows.

Today I finally received after almost a month and more my Graftobian cream foundation. Makeupmania.com was on back order and gosh I was so anticipating this product more than anything else that I had ordered from them. Well finally!! I had to give it a try and I am so far loving it based on coverage (Thanks Vixxan). I will be doing a thorough review after a week or more of trying this. My only disadvantage so far is the smell, it has a smell I'm not too fond of, further details will come on that in the review.

My face has half Graftobian HD and half Revlon PhotoReady (review coming soon). Both seem to have the same staying power and coverage. If you can tell the difference from the pictures let me know. But I'll keep you wondering until the end which side is Graftobian HD or PhotoReady.

Let break down the products used in this Face of the Day

Products used:
1/2 Face: Graftobian HD cream f/d: Warm Umber & Revlon PhotoReady f/d: Cappuccino
Black Radiance concealer (under eye)
N.Y.C Translucent powder
E.L.F. blush: Flushed
HIP duo e/s: Foxy (dark side to contour & light side to highlight)

Black Radiance concealer (primer)NYX Jumbo pencil: Milk (base)
Sally's Girl e/s: Caramel (inner 1/3)
Milani e/s: Atlantis (middle 1/3)
TKB Trading Blueberry Pop (Outer 1/3 & Bottom lash line)
Color Workshop e/s: plum brown color (crease)
MAC e/s: Creme De Violet (brow bone)
HIP Flamboyant duo e/s: golden color (highlight)
NYC liquid liner
Eyeliner pencil: blue

Rimmel l/s: Kabash
H.I.P. l/g: Fashionista (light color)

Now for the answer: Your left side is Graftobian HD and the right Revlon PhotoReady...did you guess correct or you didn't see any difference?

Be fabulous!


  1. So pretty! I love those colors and how well you blended them! So tropical!

    I couldnt see a diff between the two sides. I guess both primers are good. Go Revlon stepping up to the plate! haha

  2. Loveeee the colors dawl!!
    So prettty <3

  3. Purple and blue together is a fave, this looks so pretty on you! Loves it

  4. blue looks GREAT on you and I loved how you added the purple!!!!!!!!!

  5. Very pretty! I love the purple, too! I definitely have to check out that Creme de Violet!

  6. bummer about the wait. very pretty! love that blue on you. somex i forget what i have in my stash. i've been rocking neutral eyes for about a month now. :O) refreshing to see some color! dare i say, i'm "inspired"

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  8. So pretty. You know I love me some blue... Loving this combo!

  9. I can see a difference. The left side of your face has more red. The right side does not look bad at all. It's very impressive actually. I love what you did with the eyes.

  10. Love it! I love purples...I am a sucker for them lol. I cant wait to read your reviews on Revlon photoready, and if it really is worth the buy.

  11. I just read what you wrote about the smell. I have 3 palettes and 5 containers of foundation and none of them have a smell to them. Mine have no smell at all not even perfume. Makeup Mania is quickly becoming my least favor place to shop. My La Femme blush was on back order for 3 months and I never got it. I really hope they didn't send you some old foundation. It wouldn't surprise me if they did.

  12. This is very good - I like the pictures where you have a dark, well defined crease blended upwards - makes the eyes bigger and brighter.

  13. Gorgeous colors you used! Love it
    X, fashionnerdic

  14. Simply gorge! I love that you used so much colour on your lids, but kept your blush and lips so natural looking! Doing that kept you looking fresh and young :)



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