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Thursday, May 27, 2010

DIY: L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow Duo "Palette"

Hello lovelies,

I know I promised to update my blog regularly but have been busy recently. It's the birthday week so I'm just thankful for another year older and wiser and enjoying my youth (lol)!!

So I pretty much just hanged with my girls for the birthday and had dinner and chilled. This weekend is my official birthday celebration (parttaayyyy!!!) plus Memorial Weekend on South Beach having major fun.

I would like to thank all my new blog followers and my fellow followers, I appreciate the comments on my post and just showing love. Love you all, MUAHZZZ!!!

Anyways I had to share this with you all, as from my title, I was doing another project as I call it. I finally recieved my empty palette from BF-Beauty cosmetics after 2 months (whew!!, That is another story to explain). So I had worked to be done. I depotted all my L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos and started filling the palette with them and labeling them also. I had one of their palette from a previous haul where I purchased some single shadows from them but it wasn't quite filled up so I put all those shadows along with my HIP duos in the new 30 empty palette and the previous 20 empty palette I placed my La Femme blushes in them. I absolutely love palettes so having everything in one is so much more easier to access and find especially if I am on a hurry. BF-beauty sells 4 empty palette, so if you want to take out some of the duos for on the go you could purchase it for that. Here are pictures of my my lil project.

From this to ====>

To being all stored in a palette

Stack 1 of the 30palette
(Contains BF e/s, HIP duos)

Stack 2 of the 30palette

The previous 20 palette
(Contains La Femme blushes or Ben Nye too)

I hope this was helpful to some and please check out BF-Beauty for these palettes, they are super cheap and definitely holds more than the original 14 well palette that most people store their HIP duos in.

Note: I am in no way affiliated or getting compensated  by BF-Beauty or any brands mentioned above. I am just informing the public on ways to save. I bought everything, wasn't given anything for free.



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  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    Those eyeshadows looks even prettier now that they are deppoted!! Oh, I wanted to tell you per your advice I ordered a ton of blushes from that makeupmania place, they are super pretty now I just have to order a palette to put them in. I will check out the site you have listed her.

  3. Wow! South Beach? Have a great time!

    Your palettes look AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Happy birthday hun and have a blast!! Those palettes look delicious and I really need to check out the La Femme blushes!

    Stay blessed!!

  5. Happy bday!!
    wish u all the best =)

  6. @ ALL LOVELIES: Thank you so much for the birthday wishes... I heart yall for being so sweet. Thank u!!

  7. i did this a while back i just never posted pics...it is such a space saver!!


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