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Friday, January 3, 2014

Hair Journey

Hello lovelies,

If you aren't aware by now, from recent post I am on a natural hair journey. Yes, I have jumped on that train for personal reason, I am tired and frustrated at the breakage of my hair as well as the burns from perms. I love to see these natural hair styles from various ladies on Youtube and I am enthusiastic to try and take care of my hair in that manner.
I have stopped perming my hair since January 2012, with that I've had about 5-7 inches of natural growth. On November 21st I did the ultimate big chop and chopped off all the straighten permed ends. I absolutely fell in love with my short hair when I did this. I have never had this short length of my hair, since I have permed or even before perm. I was surprised and scared at first when I did it, but I shocked myself and found so much more confidence in my look. With that I have received some criticism when some family members saw it, but I feel confident and proud.
I am now switching products to use, on my search in Walmart I found this product from Motions called Naturally You! Define My Curls creme, I love it. I was told to try a product called Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding too and with both items, they definitely get my curls full, bouncy and define. Some days I add Eco Styler Curl n Wavy gel to my edges for a more sleek look. Nonetheless, I always add both previously mentioned products whenever I am doing my hair. Other days I do the wake and fluff look without any products added. Also adding conditioner with water gets my curls more soft and define with adding both products.
I will be purchasing more natural hair products to use and keep you all updated on them. Also will be reviewing soon the products I am using as well as products I have added to my hair care journey. Stay tuned. Here are some pictures of this journey.......

Big Chop

Long damaged hair (bottom pic) and hair after big chop 

Hair after big chop 

Trying to style it with hair accessories

After dyeing and adding curl products mentioned. I dyed hair with Shea Moisture hair dye, that is available at Target.

Products used to style hair... I love them!!!

No products, wake and shake hair styling!!

I will try to post a hair update every two weeks, with products used and such. If there is any suggestions, questions or even recommendations please feel free to comment below or email me at Kimmydadiva@gmail.com or DaDivaBeauty@gmail.com

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