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Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA's 2009

Hello yall,

I am been away for a while but family comes first.

Ok so VMA's came ...hmmmm...Am I the only one who think what Kanye said was real, I don't hate Taylor Swift but I totally believe Beyonce earned that Female Video of the Year award. Taylor Swift is a charming and talented girl and Kanye should have not done what he did on her shine. I thought he could have said what he wanted to say when the corny host was on. Taylor I know your hurt dear but the this industry bias. On the other hand MTV should have not let her perform after that shock, I felt it for her.

Blame it on the al-cooohhhholll, alcohol!!!

Next wasn't the awards a tribute to MJ (Micheal Jackson), so was it more; corny jokes, insults and major depressing fashion show.

Now I know why I am not enthusiastic when VMA's is coming on.

Beyonce did a very sweet thing but this chick so wise, side note** (I know she getting paper for that). Gotta love Beyonce [Queen-B], she definitely represented what her song said: Diva is the female version of a hustler.

Lady Gaga...I have no words for you!

Pink: Love your outfit girl (twin power with you and Shakira) and glad to see you back with hubby, aint nothing like break up to make up...lol!!
twin power

Kanye almost apologized...lol...this dude represent what he really sings : "I got a big EGO"...I love you Kanye always, your genuine in the game.

I know most people will not agree with me but everyone is so hating on Kanye and stating that they will never buy or listen to his music, I think even a F' Kanye petition is started. Lets come back to reality, why when the Senator called President Obama a liar, aint no one chirping about that now...hmmmmmm...the society we live in now.

If there was any great performances on that show it was Janet Jackson, Pink's and Jay-z w/Alicia Keyes.
On that note, where the heck did Lil Mama come from, I know she reps NY but Jay was looking at her like 'wannabe' you aint gonna take me and AK shine tonite.

VMA's please start giving us a show to always look forward to and we can talk on it the next day...oh my bad.... you did!

Needless to say, I went on the website MTV.com to see who were the other winners in the other categories. MTV seems very phony that you give Beyonce's video: Best Editing, Best Choreography, Best Video of the Year, yet she doesn't get Female Video of the Year....hehehe...I'm lost yall!

Shout out to T.I. for getting an award...you know we love TIP!

Overall I'll continue to watch BET Awards tribute to MJ...reruns is always on!!

Sweet note: Stop killing Amber Rose for her outfit, she is a bad bitch and that's what a bad chick does [be different]! Btw... this season trend is animal print (cheetah & zebra stripes), so Amber did hers different: snake skin...I love her confidence!

Be fabulous yall!

Note: I have some FOTD's and EOTD' coming soon and more stuffies!

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  1. MTV did that junk on purpose. No offense to Taylor Swift or Britney Spears... BUT HOW DID THEY MANAGE TO BEAT OUT BEYONCE AND LADY GAGA?!!
    There is no way. That's like when MTV gave Britney Spears all those awards last year...RIGGED!

    Totally shouldn't had did that though. lol
    It's not a crime though so..oh well. What's done, is done.

    When did Lil Mama come out? lol I must had been looking down or something because I missed that.

    BET MJ Tribute was a hot mess. MTv was better!

  2. @ Rai--- girl u thought BET was a hot mess, wow...I didn't even see much tribute to MJ on MTV jus Janet and Madonna speech. BET has to get an applaud for changing the whole thing in honor of him last minute, further more they reflected on him more too... MTV only gave us some depressing entertainment between show lapse (Em and that dude)..hmmmm!!...lol

  3. LOL, when Taylor's name was called even before Kanye went on the stage. I was like WTF, than he came up and said just about what I was thinking. How she beat Vit's is beyond me.


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