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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have been slacking!


My lovely readers, I know I have not been posting any looks and randomness on my blog for a while but bear with me, a girl is busy and just addicted to FB. But I have some FOTD and EOTD coming soon and I am in decisive mood to add some new flavor to my blog. I have some haul goodies to show you and also makeup goodies review. I am still hooked to blogger as I have been checking in on other fellow bloggers post and leaving my two cents...lol but haven't been posting any news to mines. I have just been feeling rather lazy to upload pics and then label them because I can't get the feel of why people are stealing others pictures and posting to websites and stating that they did their makeup and such... Yall who that: just get a life and go watch some Youtube vids on how to master your skill. So until then my lovelies, stay fabulous... I'll be back with total awesomeness soon.

Be fabulous!!


  1. That is so not cool for ppl to be stealing others pics. That is why I try to put some type of watermark on mine. People are ignorant smh

    But anyway I'm looking forward to them FOTDs and Reviews miss :)

  2. That's really sad and pointless to steal other peoples photo's. I don't see what they would gain other than looking like a stupid thief by doing that.

    I have been wondering why you haven't put up any new looks. I left a message on my blog from you questing a silver look. When you're in the mood to blog again I would love to see a silver look from you.

    Cya soon.

  3. @ Mz. More -- They are crazy for it nowadays. I try my best to do the watermark but it get tedious sometimes...lol
    @Vixxan- I'm sry I didn't see the message. Bu I will definitely gonna get to it asap dear. Thanks :)
    @ Beauty in the Eye- but they are some crazy folks out there.


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